The most important position in your fitness business and why you’re hiring wrong

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Customers who ever walk in your door, call for information or to make an appointment, have their mind 70% made up. It’s your job or your salesperson’s job not to screw it up.

The person responsible for driving that traffic in is your marketing manager. If you happen to wear all the hats in your agency, congratulations, you deserve a raise.

The marketing you do determines:

  • how many people see your outreach
  • how many people feel stirred by it
  • how many people are compelled to take action
  • whether people know clearly what you’re promising
  • whether people you attract are your ideal customers
  • whether the prospects you attract will be satisfied customers
  • how much money each new customer spends with you
  • how much profit margin exists in each offer
  • whether a prospect seeing your ad comes to you or simply gets started…with a competitor
  • whether you grow your email list so you have the opportunity to sell again
  • what kind of brand impression you have

If you can’t count on the majority of bullets above happening with your current campaigns then there is a very strong chance that you are not attracting anywhere close to the number of prospective customers you could reach.

The creativity and innovative approach you take with marketing should attract some perfect customers and turn others away. Everyone is not your customer. If this position is done well, sales is easy. If you have the people, the facility, the programming and the marketing means to tell people about it you have gold.

Give your marketing manager a raise, or fire them if you don’t see the light in their eyes and the desire to do all the above. If you need a raise…or more time to dedicate …put it aside right now. Nothing that you do with your time is more valuable.


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