If you aren’t already networking, get s

If you aren’t already networking, get started! You have to tell the world your the greatest personal training business in town in order for them to know it, right? Wrong. You want their friends and family to tell the rest of the world you’re the best personal training business in town.

You already have “followers.” Now they are going to interact with you and direct your business.

Your “friends” are those you’ll rely on to pass the word, make comments on what’s important…to them – so that you can do something about it!

Do you have facebook and twitter accounts already? But not too many friends and followers? Then you’re not really leading or playing nice in the sandbox. Let’s work on it!
It’s not about you…but about your community. Do you have what they want and are you peaking their interest and listening back so you can respond?
Then you’ll get invited to the popular parties again.

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