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What I know now that I wish I knew sooner. 

1) It’s about them not about you. 

Marketing, emails, speaking would have gone so much better so much sooner had I realized this. Heck, teaching at the university would have gone better because that too is selling from the minute they step foot in that classroom to the minute they turn in the final exam. 

2) As soon as you start listening to your heart, things will fall into place much faster and doors will open for you that wouldn’t open for anyone else.

Connecting your mind and heart, or your “gut” are big keys to success in business. You know the right thing to do.. Just remind yourself of that. 

3) When you are triggered by people or circumstances, or you’re uncomfortable… what it means is you recognize parts of yourself that you don’t like. There’s a measure of truth to it for you that hits too close to home. 

4) When you have things you just “have” to do… “have to eat” “have to exercise” …. they are running the show and not you. 

What I wish I knew sooner that 39 years has taught me.

5) There will always be hard things, if you build it that way. 

If you don’t start with the idea that there are things only you can do and identify them, you’re identifying the things you can first hand off to someone else. For the freedom you want this is a must.

6) Consistently -doing the right thing – pays off. 

Do any of these things I wish I knew sooner resonate with you? I have one last one to share. 

7) You truly have to be willing to invest in yourself for anyone to invest in you. 




Write me! What are your personal “things I wish I knew sooner”? 

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