Yes, Your Clients Can Use Health Savings Accounts for Personal Training

Can Your Clients Use HSAs for Personal Training?

Hallelujah! Right? Clients can use health savings accounts for personal training. As long as you meet the requirements for their medical based training and maintain it, the time is finally here. 

This episode is a special fitness & health coach only podcast and I’ll link to the one announcing to my Flipping 50 audience at large how they can begin using health savings accounts and flex benefits accounts for personal training. 

You’re going to have questions. I knew that and knew, especially if we’re telling your clients and customers that you want to be where they are looking for a qualified trainer or coach. 

I brought the heavy lifter herself in to talk about this, a third step in changing the face of the fitness industry and deepening the knowledge and education in trainers so customers have the most optimal care. 

To hear the full length Flipping50 episode (and share it with your customers)

Questions we answer in this episode:

[03:54] Tell us about MedFit, MedFit Education Foundation, and the new MedFit Care and how this all started.

[11:20] What should fitness pros know about this new opportunity? 

[11:50] What do you think it says about the future of providing fitness services? 

How can fitness trainers and health coaches get qualified to participate? 

[14:27] What do you have to do to gain or maintain your ability to accept HSA? 

[16:45] How will the payment be collected? Is it any different than accepting a credit card?

Will this apply to online programs, memberships, or virtual and live training? 

Using health savings accounts for personal training, and then having the option to deduct personal training as medical expense is a game changer. Prevention is truly happening. 

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