How to Save Money Creating Videos for Fitness Marketing

Video for Fitness Marketing Tips

If you’re making video for fitness marketing (and if you’re not you’re missing out on the fastest way to attract clients) this is your episode.

I had a call with my videographer for my most recent project to get tips to save you money, get a great project, and start searching for people to hire.

When you’re ready to move past your phone (and you should be using your phone to create video for fitness marketing) for something, this is what you want to know!

Even if you’re not yet creating video for fitness marketing but you know you need to start, this will get your creative juices flowing about how to plan and what to do. (I’ll share in another podcast how to actually plan and create those videos). 

My guest is cinematographer and editor Erik Lasko based in Boulder, CO. No matter where you are his points apply to you. You can walk through the same steps I used to find help making video for fitness marketing or your product.

The majority of your videos for fitness marketing can (and should) come from your phone. One fitness icon I know has created a million+ dollar business shooting video (and editing) on her phone. For bigger projects she hires but much of her stuff is just done when she’s ready to turn the camera on.

So there really isn’t much reason not to for you. You probably have the same phone in your hand.

Questions we cover in this episode:

  • If a fitness pro is hiring a videographer/photographer for the first time and just has no idea/feels vulnerable – what are some questions she should ask to vet out a good candidate?
  • If fitness pros are hiring a videographer what kind of rates should they be looking for?
  • What are the options you as a videographer could offer for someone?
  • What’s make costs of a project (shoot and or editing) go up?
  • So to phrase that another way, what could a fitness pro do to keep rates low if just starting on a budget?
  • What are other creative ways a fitness pro can repurpose filmed projects?

Another repurpose idea:

When you’re doing a project don’t forget the value of “shooting the shoot.” Take pictures of you with the lights in front of the camera. You’ll need a second camera or phone to do it. Even that is a good tease – a reason to tell your audience what you’re working on for them.

I started shopping with a Google search and on Craigslist. You can look at local cinematography schools too. Students often have the equipment, or use of it, and will do a project for less than a pro. It might be good enough for your first project.

In other instances I flew someone in from out of state, he stayed in my guest room and we shot for 2 ½ days straight from a list of video and scripts I had well planned out. He did great work and was by comparison more affordable (including flight, uber, shooting and editing) than someone I had used for 2 other projects locally.

Erik’s little details to remember:

  • Unplug your refrigerator
  • Turn off you’re A/C
  • Plan ahead for planes and trains

Remember that noise you don’t even notice in your own environment any more can be a big bummer for viewers.

On that note, our phone call recording for this episode was not ideal sound quality. Hearing it after, I remember why I no longer use it normally. I vowed to be done with phone interviews. It’s just not worth it the risk it will work. Make sure to test-drive your sound quality. If you listened all the way through, thank you!

Connect with Erik:

Erik Lasko


Vimeo channel dynamicmediacolorado

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