How to Attract More Customers with your Fitness Websites

How to Attract More Customers with BETTER Fitness Websites 

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People will visit your fitness website. That’s a given. 

You can live around the world, across town, or next door. They will visit your fitness websites first before they call, come in, or email you.

Will they find words that they use, in the way that they use them? 

It’s the big easy for you: a big way to easily attract customers who want to take the next step with you. If you consistently use the right words to talk to your prospects and customers in a voice consistent with your brand across all written and spoken messaging you’ll attract more customers to your business because of your fitness website. 


Audit your website content. (First you’ve got to havesome: blogs, articles, long descriptions of your products and services). 

List words and language your customer uses every day every time they come in for a tour, a consultation, a first session, or when reluctant prospects talk to you at the grocery store or a restaurant. 

Write down 3 to 5 questions your customer asks. One by one, go to your website as if that were your question. Do you find the answer easily? 

Write down the 3 top objections you get to starting now. One-by-one, go to your fitness websites again. Do you find words and images that help you overcome them? 

Hint: Those objections are probably… 

  • money 
  • time
  • have to ask someone

What do customers say? Are those the words you use? Are those the words you use to create copy? Have you just started describing your programs and your trainers certifications instead? Do you have copy living on your website that is over 5 years old? Think your customers have matured and how have different questions?

Are you trying so hard to be “professional” that you miss “conversational”? 

You’re more likely to make this mistake if you are either a small business and trying to mimic a big business, or if you are a big business. Big businesses with potentially a lot of partners or board members can find it hard to get “a voice.” 

It becomes no problem at all if you know your customer. It’s not about you or about being professional. It’s about knowing your customer. Use their language. Know who they are. From there you know what your purpose, and promise are and you know what tone you want to show up throughout your business, all the time. 

When you go on your fitness websites audit look for words people might not understand, or do understand but don’t use when they speak. If you want to talk to them, talk to them in the language they use, rather than the language you use. 

The risk of using “smart words” is that you may be trying so hard to show your credibility that you fail to relate to anyone. While people who already know you may overlook this, people who don’t know you at all are probably not going to stay long enough to get to know you. 

fitness websites with good copy

List 5 to 10 things that your customers say… all the time: 

(If you can’t do this, and you’re not alone, it’s a good wake up call for you to the potential to attract easier, effortlessly, if you change some copy). 

Pull 5 o 10 descriptive words and phrases from your existing product descriptions, blogs, and articles. 

(If you don’t have 300+ word blogs and product descriptions on your site, then that’s a good thing to work on! You need content for Search Engine Optimization if you hope for people to find you when they want an answer to a problem). 

Do the words customers use and the words you use on your fitness websites match? 

Improving your copy can have a big impact on your organic and paid traffic both. If you send a direct mail piece to customers, they’re going to come to your website before they come in your doors. If you’re advertising a specific product or special they’re not likely to simply go to the store and buy it, as they are to look around, read, and listen or watch first. 

What will they find on your fitness websites that screams YOU are the answer? Not just a possible answer but the answer they want right now?

Make sure every day all year this way of getting you found, actually will. Spend some time buffing your fitness websites. 

Resources you might want: 

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