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#301 Every one of women’s hormone phases of a woman’s life provides a unique demand for exercise protocols that are most beneficial. Then you layer in the nuances true of her right now. If you find you’ve gained weight due to the pandemic or it came on during menopause and you haven’t learned that it’s just a sign what you’re doing now doesn’t work, that’s a nuance for you. If you’ve just learned you have osteoporosis and you don’t know what to do with that information, you could easily fall prey to programs that can all say they improve bone density but that may help only to a small extent.

If clients need better pelvic floor strength, they might be told Kegels or Pilates are the best way. They’re not for all. And that’s where the need-to-know exercise for women’s hormone phase of life comes in. You do need to know. 

You need to know your client’s personal priorities: 

  • Weight loss
  • Bone density
  • Muscle strength
  • Energy
  • Sleep support
  • Libido boost
  • Mood & Cognitive support

And from the answer to all of these 3 questions:

  • What stage she’s in
  • What conditions, injuries, or limitations she has
  • What priorities she has

 …You choose exercise based on the best protocol for the combined collection of each of those. Let me walk you through why this is so important and clients can get derailed so very easily. Clients start doing something like this: that one woman described as “She’s a hormone specialist just like you” and realize anyone can talk about hormones. It’s always been part of exercise science, but until the last 10-15 years we didn’t understand how much every hormone phase of a woman’s life is unique. A trainer or program targeting everyone is designed for no one. 

Let’s Talk Fitness (& Health) Coaching Marketing

”A fitness or diet program that says “for women in menopause” with no science featuring women in menopause, is just good marketing. ”

There are fitness and health celebrities I just love. There are behaviors of the same celebrities I just hate. And this is one of those behaviors. 

 Targeting midlife women with a weight loss program that was not specifically designed based on their hormone health, gut status, and signs & symptoms are just irresponsible use of celebrity. 

 It’s like the professional athletes our kids cherished using steroids or taking money to manipulate the game. At a time when women are vulnerable to feelings of low body confidence, exhaustion from insomnia, and betrayed by a body they can’t figure out any more any message that resonates with them and hits you at a time they feel all the frustration, is enough to make them take a risk. ”

 A big fitness icon who’s sold millions in fitness programs is doing just that. 

 Several fitness pros just entered midlife themselves. So, I get it. She’s experiencing menopause, she’s talking about it. That is a good thing. But slapping a marketing campaign on another diet program just to take advantage of midlife women is a crime. Her programs have always targeted women… of all ages. But as I checked out this new program she was offering, the only thing that had changed from 10 years ago was the marketing on the front side. 

 So, let’s be realistic. If you’re paying attention and have been here, at Fitness Marketing Mastery or following Flipping 50 for a minute, you know that what works for mice, men, and young women will not work for women in midlife. So, programs targeted for 20 and 30 and 50 and 60 something women, were built with no one of them in mind. 

 Every Women’s Hormone Phase is Different … but pros aren’t addressing it that way

 Even two women in menopause differ. One may be a small-framed who wants to add muscle and bone density, even gain weight while another needs to focus on gaining muscle in order to lose weight, and still, another could be either one of these women with prior injuries. One has adrenal fatigue and one is fine but just new to exercise. A program and a trainer or health coach needs to be able to see the top priorities for a women’s hormone phase choose the most important variable and start there. 

 Yes, it’s true, they have the same body parts. But every decade of life – simply as a good way of arranging it – needs to change slightly. Better than each decade, in every phase of hormone change exercise needs change. 

 In pre-puberty:

  • Building bone density 
  • Building a lifetime of love for activity
  • Experiencing a variety of movement 

 In puberty and young adulthood: 

  • Continued building of bone density
  • Optimizing peak muscle mass
  • Building body confidence 
  • Establish strength training habits & sound technique
  • Learning proper technique & injury prevention


  • Maintaining (even gaining) fitness for optimal fetal and maternal health
  • Avoiding too much heat early in pregnancy
  • Avoiding too much joint stress late pregnancy 
  • Offset changes in the center of gravity, upper and lower back stress
  • Pelvic floor integrity


  • Ensure gradual recovery from pregnancy for long term joint/ligament health
  • Optimize wellness in new mother
  • Continued support for back in recovery from birth with newborn
  • Begin transition to strength and cardio activity post-partum


  • Identify lifestyle habits associated with the prevalence of menopause symptoms
  • Bone density building strength training 
  • Muscle mass maintenance and increase 
  • Rest & recovery increase 

 Menopause (late peri/early post):

  • Muscle mass loss prevention
  • Bone density loss prevention 
  • Menopause symptoms reduction  
  • Brain-boosting exercise connections

 Post menopause:

  • Weight and body composition optimization
  • Gain or maintenance of strength
  • Gain or maintenance of bone mineral density
  • Mobility emphasis 
  • Continued enjoyment of the activity
  • Pelvic Floor Integrity 

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Marketing without Science in Programming Seduces Them

It’s beyond time to stop false marketing — but it’s not going to happen. You can help promote YOU, but not if you’re only saying the same thing as other trainers and coaches. Be different. Say the truth. Be willing to take on those who oppose what you say. 

Clients who should be working with qualified trainers and coaches like you: 

  • Fall for programs promoted by midlife women who look good but don’t use those same principles 
  • Fall for programs based on the celebrity’s creativity instead of evidence-based science used to build them
  • Find a one-size-fits-all approach – even for programs designed based on hormone balance – without flexibility for unique joints and energy needs 

 Why Not YOU? Coaching a Women’s Hormone Phase

Are you taking a stand? Are you willing to say the unpopular thing? Are you willing to share the facts? Take the heat if you go against the dogma? That’s what it takes to stand out against a crowd. Once you have the knowledge then you have the confidence to apply it and to have a stronger voice.     

 I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below the show notes at Fitnessmarketingmastery-dot-com/ women’s hormone phase.

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