The First Menopause Fitness Specialist Program in the World: Hormone Balancing Fitness Training

She’s Looking for a Hormone Balancing Fitness Specialist

A whopping 4/5 women in perimenopause and menopause are looking for a menopause fitness specialist expert. 

  • They don’t know it. 
  • They don’t yet use words like “menopause trainer”, “menopause specialist”, or “hormone balancing specialist”.

But as soon as you can use those words alongside your name with your other specialties and certifications, you will attract a whole new audience to you.  Women who are looking for someone to help them with hormone balancing and exercise in their 50’s 60’s 70’s and beyond.

  • What if you could help your 50 and 60 something clients lose the weight they gained during perimenopause and menopause
  • What if you could help them feel sexy and strong during a time most women feel frumpy and fat?
  • And, what if you could help your 30-something clients avoid hot flashes, night sweats and weight gain during menopause?

I’ve got you covered.

  • That’s exactly what women want. 
  • They want it yesterday’s yesterday.
  • They’re looking for you. 
  • At least they’re looking for someone who gets it.

If you market to them, you may get them. But if they don’t feel better, or they begin to experience more fatigue, more injuries (common in midlife due to hormones a savvy trainer can navigate and avoid), and don’t see and feel progress… they’re not going to choose you as their Fitness trainer anymore. 

Instead, they’ll simply be gone.

And so will be the 5 referrals she would have made to you for, to make you the fitness specialist for her friends and sisters.

menopause fitness specialist - debra arm wrestling

Why Now?

Still reading? Serious about being THAT trainer? You know, the one who serves the 80% of potential clients who walk into a gym or search online for exercise during menopause? The one they want and won’t settle for anyone else? The hormone balancing fitness expert?

There are 38 million female baby boomers and 25 million Gen x women right behind them. From perimenopause and menopause, to post menopause, you can change women’s lives for decades. You can also secure your financial security with a business that serves a purpose few others are.

This specialist certificate is based on the first and only existing women’s hormone balancing formula in the world. It’s the core content of the program. Created by Flipping 50 founder and bestselling author Debra Atkinson (that’s me) as a companion program to You Still Got It, Girl! The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women.

What Is It?

It’s the “what to expect” in perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause and what to do about it. Chapter one of any conversation with any woman should be: EXPECT to FEEL GOOD. If you don’t feel good, what you’re doing isn’t working, but something else will. Especially your clients in perimenopause.

That’s where you come in.

Changing Her Expectations

Women settle.

They serve others.

They ignore their own needs.

And, they expect that fatigue, constipation, belly fat and weight gain are normal for aging.

Well, they’re right about one thing.

Those things are NORMAL… if you’re looking at average America (other countries too). Those things are normal responses to poor choices. Or let’s say, uninformed choices.

That again, is where you come in.

Leverage Your Desire & Knowledge

If you have the knowledge and can educate her, create awareness, on the topics that few trainers are talking about – with any expertise – you can create a lucrative career. You can help here understand why:

  • What used to be “healthy” for her is not any more.
  • What used to be ideal exercise for her is not any more.

She thinks that what used to work for her just isn’t working any more.

Truthfully, what she used to be able to do wasn’t working she just got lucky, until now at least, and got by.

But women in midlife are more susceptible to negative effects of stress. Women in midlife often have few stress skills beyond attracting it. Trainers without hormone balancing fitness knowledge are unintentionally contributing to cortisol-inducing stress.

She was sat down when she was young for the sex talk.

But no one ever had the stress talk with her.

It would have gone like this:

This is going to happen, this is how you’re going to feel, and this is what you’ll be tempted to do. Here are some things you can do to avoid it, and to handle it when you’re in the middle of a stress –otherwise known as sh*t-storm.

If you want to be on the edge of a niche that has a bright future, with a large demand, and know how to leverage that knowledge, there is no better time. Be a part of the third class of Flipping 50 Specialists. The early fall program is launching now.


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