How to Hire the Right Person for Your Team

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How can you hire the right person every time?

If you’ve ever hired the wrong person, or struggled to even find a few solid candidates to interview, then this is your episode. If you’re going it solo, a part of a team, you’re on Main street, deliver services, or you’re online definitely take a listen to this podcast.

I recently had this conversation with my best friend who has more than 35 years of experience hiring and between the two of us we’ve been hiring, training, firing or being quit for a hundred years! Yikes!

We both agreed this is still one of the hardest things to get right.

So if you want to earn from our mistakes and from my guest today… pop your ear buds in or turn it up because you are going to need a team if you’re going to grow and make a difference. No one does it alone.

My guest today is Claire Garrigan.

She was among the top 3% nationwide for membership and personal training sales year after year, Claire now helps small-to-medium sized fitness facilities increase their revenue by teaching owners and staff how to sell consistently and effectively. Her sales training program, The Selling Fitness Blueprint, has been used in membership-based gyms and by personal trainers throughout North America and Europe to help fitness professionals not only increase revenue but to get them confident and comfortable with selling-without feeling like a used car salesman!

Download the cheat sheet for this podcast right now to help you get the most out of this podcast. You’ll hire the right person with a plan and you can create it right now.

1) For a fitness facility hiring membership sales staff OR a digital trainer hiring his or her first team members what are some of the key traits they should be looking for in a potential hire?

2) What are some of the mistakes facilities make when hiring their staff, sales staff or otherwise?

3.) Before you even get to an interview what are some ways you can screen to filter out the best clients and repel those candidates who would hate the job and make you both frustrated?

4.) What steps do you like to have candidates do to weed themselves out?

5.) What’s are some questions we should be asking during an interview to find out if our potential hire would be a good fit for our facility and truly are the right person?

6) Once you hire the right person, how do you set them up for success?

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