Fitness Pros: Hiring Help From “I Do” to “Oh F**k” Opportunities

Is hiring help on your radar?  Are you at a point you need to hire? 

The start of relationships is always yummy and exciting. The middles are riddled with hiccups and speed bumps, and the ends are either mutual or explosive. 

Here’s what I know after 37 years of experience collectively in my own private business, as the individual being managed, as the manager, and as owner.

Do you want to know what it takes to write a great ad for great support? 

It takes copywriting skills. 

It’s not that different, hiring internal customers vs attracting external customers. Over 20 years ago when I first labeled our staff members internal customers in a then mid-sized health club,it changed the way I led them. 

[Mind you, I still had a lot to learn. For instance about the different personality needs. I assumed too often- and still do – that people are like me. That is I get my satisfaction from accomplishment, finishing, I actually don’t love praise from others because if I feel myself it was well done that’s so much more to me and if I don’t that kind of external praise doesn’t land on me well.

They’re Not You

But I tick differently than others. And so do you. For instance, I assume people will get the job done that they say they will, or we will communicate about it ahead of time. It would never occur to me to change a date or deadline without advance notice. But mostly, I would just get it done. I know what I can get done realistically and I don’t promise more. Not everyone is like that.

I Never Knew

External acknowledgement is one of the most important things to most people. To someone like me, that’s a shock, so I have to really effort to do it, without if feeling fake. And it’s not that I don’t appreciate the job, but when the job expectation is to complete it, on time, working well, that feels to me like making a huge fuss about stopping at a red light]. 

I’ve been involved in private businesses from health clubs, to financial planning businesses (very lightly and by way of marriage), and my personal fitness business since 1987. I’ve stepped into leadership titles often before I was a leader because that’s how we did it in the fitness industry early on. 

Know what I mean? If you were hired and promoted fast, you do. 

Don’t Make the Fitness Industry Hiring Help Mistake

Teaching fitness, and being a responsible rockstar employee that showed up on time, never called in sick, then often got you promoted to “director” or “manager.” But.. it’s an entirely different set of skills. 

There was a need to set a standard, a set of guidelines, and expectations for job success and what would lead to termination if those expectations weren’t met. I’ve conducted thousands of weekly and monthly meetings, some effective, some just chit-chat in my eyes that employees loved. So you’ve got to balance the task-minded, focused with the what your hires need. 

Again, a need for clear communication about needs, and goals, and task-at-hand so that none of it is forgotten. 

You’re a New Leader?

Or maybe from the aftermath of 2020, you struck out on your own. Suddenly you’re the owner, entrepreneur, and you may wear all the hats for a time. As you do, if you don’t create systems (the steps for the actions you take every day), you’ll struggle to delegate when you hire. I’ve got systems I created in 2013 however and I have yet to find someone who can do them as quickly as I can, so I still do them too much. I see them sitting in the little file that says “systems” dated 2013. 

That’s a delegation problem. That’s on me.

At some point hiring help is mandatory for your growth. Compensating an A-gamer who gets things done on your timeline, meets deadlines, is proactive and intuitive, and careful to check and test anything before releasing it to the public is asking a lot. But not too much. 

Not if you’re clear from the beginning. If you have someone who doesn’t want to be contacted when something they’ve built goes wrong and wasn’t checked & tested, you’ve got a problem. But if you failed to share the details for measures of success and expectations in reporting, it’s on you. 

Business Differences and Similarities

The dynamics in each business are different. From a small one-location fitness center, to a partner-owned studio, to a multi-location business with annual growth of a department that had to work within a whole and 8 team members around a conference room table every Monday, to a small solo-run financial planning business with 4 individuals and a region of dozens of agents… each was different and yet so very similar. 

You as leader have to be clear.

And I for one, wasn’t. When I started hiring new people to help with tech and customer service, I wasn’t clear. And because of it I learned a lot of lessons. 

So.. in case you’d like to be spared some of those, take this message now! 

Successfully hiring help hinges on clear expectations and measures of success. When you do that you find the right person for the job. You’re finding the right “who” to perform rather than filling a what (a person to fill a position who has the skills). You have to have both. 

Doesn’t that ring true of any program or service you offer? You’ve got to describe with complete clarity the expectations for the customer. You share with them what you’ll deliver in terms of transformation(benefits), and the way you’ll do it (features). 

Similarly when you’re hiring help, you’ve got to be clear. There’s been a shift. If you want to level up a team, the best way to leap a hurdle of hiring help is to stop writing job descriptions alone and be clear on the measures of success for a job. 

Successfully hiring help hinges on clear expectations and measures of success. 

When you do that you find the right person for the job. You’re finding the right who to perform rather than filling a what (a position). 

How do you get clear? In a special Q and A during the Copywriting for Marketing to Women masterclass I’ll answer how to write a better job description to avoid headaches. 

In addition to the 5 Templates you’ll get, I’ll share a template for creating a killer job opening so whether you’re hiring someone to help you build a campaign funnel, manage your social media, assist with your household needs so you can take care of business, or something else, you have the best shot of getting a match you’ll both say “I do” to. 


It’s really exciting when you step into leadership for your own business. Are you thinking like a business owner who already makes what you want to make? Who already has the influence you want to have? It’s easy to play small and realize one morning that what’s not working is you. 

Hiring Help Gets Easier with the Right Words

It’s also easy, oh so easy, to flip the mindset shift, and get on with hiring help in a most effective way so your days are far less stressful and you have the creativity you need to without having to keep a thumb on deadlines for everyone else. Every week… the measure is there. Every day between meetings and check ins team members know what has to be done and their role in doing it. 

Clear messaging internally and externally is a big part of your start, your ability to grow, and your ability to scale a business. When you’re hiring help it’s crucial.

Ready to get clear on messaging? 

Learn more. 

July 21 I’m sharing a 3-part 3-hour copywriting for marketing to women workshop.

I’ll present and you’ll craft messages during as well as take 5 Templates with you for use creating your daily, weekly, and monthly content. The bonus template is based on today’s content, hiring help.

Register to save your spot as I share the 5 profiles of female buyers, how to emotionally propel them into action ethically when you have a product or service that improves the QOL. 


FAQs about the copywriting workshop:

Q: Will there be a replay? 

A: Yes, so you can “workshop” in your own time. (and replay this later to create killer content for your upcoming programs!)

Q: I’m not even sure about my offer yet, will this be appropriate for me?

A: Absolutely. No matter where you are, communication is important. You can use the right words to identify what your audience wants. Even with a small list, (or for growing a list), copywriting is a skill you can’t succeed without.

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