10 Ways You Can Operate Like a Team Without Hiring a Team

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Hiring a team seem too far off? This episode is about how to make your life easier, run a business better, and learn valuable lessons about communicating right from the beginning… even with one.

If you struggle with delegating (hello, join my support group), this is for you. If you’re a “I can do it myself faster” kind-of-gal, I get you.

And you can. Until you can’t.

My Start

Listen, in December of 2020 my business made more than 12 times what I made in 2012 working very comfortably for someone else. It was right about then I began to spend 100% of my time building my own business, now Flipping 50, (and Fitness Marketing Mastery) with two arms to the business – supporting women in midlife with smarter exercise endocrinology – and teaching fitness professionals how to market and grow their own unique niches.

When I started? My revenue dropped to below zero. No more debt-free, dispensable income. Instead, hours of learning, taking courses, attending very different kinds of conferences, and no revenue coming in. That winds you upside-down really fast. So fast I had to sell my house… and that’s a story for another day.

Doing What You Have to Do

But for the first 3 years of that business I did it ALL. And I mean all. The email delivery system set up, hiring the website design, and overseeing that. Getting clients, creating social media, figuring out how to start – launch – promote not one but two podcasts. I wrote blogs 2-4 weekly and podcast episodes, and created the graphics and infographics.

I’m tired! And you may have needed to do that. But here’s what I wish I’d have known. Sooner. That my time is more valuable than that per hour. And once I had a system, handing that off to someone else would have been smarter use of my time. Truly to be a business, an influencer, with a mission, you can speak what you are about to someone else in a way they can support you.

Not Hiring a Team Just Yet?

So, you’re not hiring a team yet? Okay, no worries. Here’s what you can do. Fiverr.com is a service and it’s pronounced (“5-er”) like the number. I’d been using it for a year or so when my son was going off to college in 2013. I told him you could have anything done for about 5 bucks. Editing papers, resumes, cover letter preparation… and so can you! Some jobs are more than that but it’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s so easy to start. You’re out very little if it doesn’t work, and you can ask for edits.

Why Fiverr.com?

  • It’s low risk
  • You’ll learn how to communicate better
  • You’ll be better at delegating from the beginning

Here are 10 ways to Fiverr it if you’re not yet hiring a team:

  • A list of Months/Days/Weeks of the year related to your business
  • Lists of quotes – like for Women’s History Month, or from fitness icons
  • Create a set of 10 memes for your social media posts this month
  • Generate covers for all your social media platforms
  • Create profile images that brand you on all social media
  • Media cheat sheet with a bio, topics, questions, contact info
  • Post-production of your podcast
  • Rockstar Thumbnails for your YouTube videos
  • An ebook design for your freebie
  • Power Point template for your presentations

That’s just to get you started. From that you can probably think of 10 more. Just think about what you’ve spent time on in the last 3 days that really isn’t something that is:

  • In your best wheelhouse of skills
  • Only you can do

But before you go Fiverr.com to replace hiring a team, make sure that you don’t just go there and go shopping.

You’ll go down a rabbit hole. You’ll lose an hour thinking of all the things you could create, and how cool it would be.


Like going to the grocery store for our clients, you’ve got to have a list.

Know what you need. Is it website design, or editing for your ebook? Is it graphics for your social media?

YOU want to have already created the list of business assets and the next steps you need. You want to be sure that you really NEED vs have a Nice to Have when you’re starting out. It’s easy to spend money!

Make a Profit or It’s Really Not a Business

One of the silver linings of the pandemic has been eliminating all the “extras.” I’ve gotten really good at distinguishing NEED to have vs NICE to have in my business. If you’re just getting started, you want to stay lean while you put money into places that will make you profitable, not just there, or even creating revenue if there is no profit margin.

Try fiverr.com here: http://www.fiverr.com/s2/2851b750ff

Ultimately, hiring a team is going to be a step you’ll take. But for now, this is a perfect baby step that will teach you how to lead and manage projects.

Whether You’re Solo or You’ve Got a Team

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