Secrets of High Functioning Female Fitness Entrepreneurs

What do high functioning female bosses know that you need to know? 

Have you got that flexible 80-hour workweek that often happens with being the boss? It may no longer be an 8-5 for someone else but if you’ve shifted to more hours of the day, your work dripping into your personal life… you want this episode. 

My Guest:

Dr. Laura DeCesaris is a functional medicine practitioner, specializing in women’s health and high performance. Laura works with driven, ambitious women, helping them to rebuild their metabolism so they can experience optimal brain health, body composition, and natural vitality. She takes a female-centric approach to health and wellness, teaching women about their bodies and brains so they can make better decisions for their health and leverage their biochemistry for optimal performance.

You can find her contributions in outlets such as Forbes, NBC news, Greatist, Parade, Well + Good, and other publications. Laura is based out of Scottsdale, AZ, and works with clients virtually around the world.

In this episode of high functioning female entrepreneurs we only touch on women’s cycles and working with not against your hormones. Was it a valuable episode for you? Tell me in the comments and we’ll do a deeper dive! 

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • How can we leverage brain chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, etc) as entrepreneurs to feel better and be more productive/efficient?
  • Biohacking tools – what are some of your favorites? And how can we leverage them for a better business? 
  • Why is burnout so prevalent with entrepreneurs and how can a shift in how we view our business help change that pattern? Burnout is, at its core, a loss of flow and a loss of connection to what we truly need to feel our best and perform our best

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