Health Entrepreneur Shares His Tips for Thriving

As a health entrepreneur there can be a roller-coaster of emotions. If it attracts you, it excites you. You love everything about health, wellness, fitness and you like reading it, watching it, doing it. You’re drawn to new books of all kinds – cookbooks, detox books, and you’re following influencers and educators learning as much as you can. 

Then there’s the resistance. As you look around you, not all in your immediate environment are seeking the same kind of growth or knowledge. They resist change and enjoy their lifestyle even if not their results. To them, you’re the oddball, the obsessed, and constantly thinking and talking about health. 

So from one health entrepreneur to another, I bring you this episode with Jon Carder. Each of us gets to our own tolerance level. Whether it’s our health or our illness tolerance, or it’s the resistance from others. 

Unless you surround yourself with enough people who do believe, who get you, and who are like you, it’s all too easy to wonder, is it you? Are you the one going in the wrong direction? 

Are you a lone health entrepreneur? 

For me, this happened in 1982-86. I was shifting into a world I’d never been exposed to before. One that was wide open with other ways to choose how to live and care for yourself. And I loved it and was thriving thanks to it. But constant comments and swimming upstream in a world not tuned into health, wellness, and fitness as more than a “craze” was hard. 

As it turns out, I was ahead of my time. But without a community who felt the same. So this is for you if you’re in need of community and a reminder this will always happen if you’re starting something. 

Questions we answer in this episode: 

You described yourself as a hotdog salesman shut down at an early age… and that was the beginning. What was the attraction for you? It really wasn’t a love for hotdogs… why do you think you didn’t just want to be shooting hoops or hanging at the pool? 

From hotdogs to making health more accessible to more people, that’s a pivot. Describe your business entrepreneurial pivots due to failures…  

You quit college to do your own business, what kind of resistance did you experience? Did your parents love the fact you quit college? 

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