The Health Coaching Trend Unleveling Your Personal Training

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Coaching Goes High Credibility

If you’re “coaching” your clients and want to truly get to the bottom of what prevents them from getting results, you’ll want to read this.

As medicine moves toward options, choices, and empowering the patient to choose from Chinese medicine, alternative medicines, homeopathy and western medicine or blend them together as they so choose, the importance of health coaching and it’s depth evolves.

Coaching in health and wellness is not new. Many of us were doing it before we knew it was a “thing.” I recall sitting at my dining room table to meet with clients once a week in street clothes in the late 90s. I’d meet them for lunch as a part of helping them understand what and how to order and how to break out of old cycles of food phobia or fat-avoidance.

I went through an extensive coaching program through Coach U back in the day when it was one of the only programs standing out there. The two year program was intense with two or three difference courses a month for 24 months followed by coaching (me – required in order to experience it) and a practicum of coaching I had to do with a minimum of clients then recorded and reviewed by my certification administrators, all prior to a nerve-racking verbal test with two coaches challenging me to do live coaching with them.

Now you can read a book, take an exam and be a coach. You can take a weekend workshop and be a coach.

Or you can be trained by a Functional Medicine Institute and gain a full understanding of both coaching, and the business of delivering coaching.

Listen to last week’s podcast for an understanding of the depth and difference in coaching around gut health, anxiety, depression, and more to help clients break through barriers, and you – to break through to new learning potential.


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