Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am grateful for the scores of fitness professionals that I have met along the way in these last 31 years. I am thankful for the ride through the evolution of fitness, health, and wellness.

I am so grateful for continued opportunity and growth. What was once me serving a group one hour at a time or a single individual has become a much bigger opportunity to share knowledge – albeit through mistakes – with fitness professionals who know they have a problem reaching the potential they want to reach and who are actively seeking support and guidance.

I am excited about the recent new coaching client’s success and speed-of-implementation. The difference between those who desire to change and those who desire to change with the willingness to make changes is vast. Changes that are scary, challenge beliefs and challenge you to move out of your comfort zone are difficult for 80% of us. When you seek support, from experience, proven success strategies, and are willing to take that leap out of the top of a small pond where you’re thriving but have outgrown… to jump into a bigger ocean and grow because of it… you will have the most rapid growth of your life and your business.

Only a coach who’s done that can know.

If you’re about to take a risk and find your path…be grateful for and embrace the fear.

Take a few moments and consider the things that you are grateful for and the new opportunities ahead if you choose to take them.

Most of all, thank you for being here, for choosing better, different ideas, growing in knowledge and forming your own educated professional opinion whether or not we’re on the same page. Respect for someone else’s position, particularly when it’s leading to improving other’s lives and it’s proven successful is a mature industry trait. The fitness industry is still young, but pioneers in idea and in implementation catapult it’s growth.

Enjoy this day if you celebrate this American holiday. If not, every day truly is a day for gratitude.


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