Happy New Year!!

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It amazes me how many full service clubs are not open on New Year’s Day.

Now, I do understand that staff also want to enjoy the holiday, yet I have always found in fitness that many instructors and trainers would willingly come in for a fun workout for a couple hours. And what a fun environment; people are returning to football and home, not going to work or rushed in that way! You’re providing them with a great service they’ll appreciate.

Whether you choose to do that or not is up to you, but you can still if you have an online presence, make the most of New Year’s and Fresh Start sales.

On Friday, while you stand the best chance of catching people still on their computers make your offer. New clients purchase a year at % off, provide a “first 100 days” daily tips for nutrition changes and active lifestyle promotion, free to everyone who shows up in person or makes an online purchase.

Schedule your online sale to occur so it’s user-friendly for you and they have all the instructions they need to log in, won’t get frustrated or confused, and you’ll just click the report on Monday and find out who you need to contact to book for sessions!

Or you could arrange a two hour window New Year’s afternoon where they can respond to you via phone or email and you’ll grant each of those customers your % off or $ off offer for getting started on the best possible 2012.

This is a big day for people. And we’re all looking for ways to find more peace, time, and ways to organize our lives so we enjoy them more. Design your package with that in mind. Then get the word out!?!?

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