Happy New Year! 2015 Begins …3 Best Indicators of Success

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The Three Key Things…for Your Success GPS

1. Programming- Do you have the programs that were created based on your ONE customer? Your customer today, and not your customer yesterday. Your customer as they grow into tomorrow..will have new needs and wants and goals, do you know what they are? Do you notice that there is no equipment mentioned anywhere on the list? Did you have customers calling last year asking about TRX, about Kettle Bells….and yet we advertise featuring these pieces of equipment as if they are the answer to a much requested customer desire. Programming matters. It has nothing to do with equipment.

2. People-Do you have the people in place who know their role in the chain of events? Do you have a marketing person who understands marketing in 2015 and 2016? Not 2005 or ’95? Do you have people programming their own offerings that know what they’re doing and how to attract clients? Do your people market, sell, service consistently well? And if there are holes, as there usually are, how are you plugging them? Who is the expert in programming that sits with your trainer and gets it right?

3. Facilities – Do you upgrade and update regularly? Do you keep it clean? It’s the number one complaint or compliment by customers. Old or new, clean wins hands down. A metal building? Or a warmer exterior that doesn’t mimic a warehouse?

The Two Key Means of Driving Traffic

1. Marketing -If the marketing isn’t there, the traffic isn’t there…the next fear however is that if the marketing is there…and the sales ability isn’t…you drive money in, lose it and those people whose appetite has been whet…buy …somewhere else.

2. Selling –If you have someone in sales who hates sales and has a percentage of less than 70% closing make a change. Once someone makes an appointment with you they have met you online…they have done the research…they are 70% sold. You are not as good as you think if you’re selling them. But you’re much worse than you think if you’re missing them.

You are losing money rapidly if your sales staff isn’t actively selling…calling, booking appointments. Selling is not answering the phone and booking appointments or standing up to greet someone who accidentally stumbled in your door. Humble yourself and realize if you’re doing well…you could be doing 30-50% more with some effort.

The ONE Key to It All

Consistency- You don’t get to have a day when you’re too busy to market. If you’re in business…you conduct business every day. A one-person show won’t have enough hours in a day, or enough gas in the tank. You need to expand services, products and then each of them need a marketing plan.

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Happy New Year Fitness Professional! You’re going to get a lot of advice from a lot of people who tell you they know what they’re doing, that they have the system, the tools the training… just do your homework. Make sure they’ve done recently what you want to do, they’ve got a track record…of more than a few years… remember that most businesses go out of business within 3-5 years…far more than stick.

Is it a hobby ? or is it a career? Success to a hobbyst is very different than to someone who wants to make a career, feed a family and be an industry leader. Tacking on those years…of training 2-10 hours a week? And counting that as years experience … may not be what you want to follow as an expert lead.


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