Happy New Business!

 In Marketing

It’s here!! The time of year when everyone else is almost as excited about exercise and all things healthful as  you are! The time when new business is plentiful and your days are crazy busy…when your burnout comes from long days actually working rather than long days marketing and wishing you could fill your schedule.

It’s time to maximize your potential and establish good habits that will carry you through the year. Don’t look at this as a short term race. Look at this as a marathon and make sure your business has endurance. Though you’re busy today, you still need to plant seeds for tomorrow.

Make sure your feeding system is set up correctly.

1. Does every new member also come to you for a complimentary session or assessment? Make sure that it happens. Make sure you collect their emails and phone numbers so you can regularly connect with them long after than initial contact.

2. For those new clients who are there because they’ve received gift certificates, take time to understand the importance of exercise for them, as they get started. Dig deeper. Weight loss? What’s important about that? So you can do things with your kids? So you can be a better parent? How long has that been something you wanted to change? How much is that worth to you? Get to the emotional investment they have in doing this. You need to know, and they need to know what their intrinsic motivation is; rhe extrinsic motivation of looking better or what someone else wants for them will wear off too soon. Help them set up reminders of their motivation. A picture of something they want to do that they currently can not where they’ll always see it. Create a mantra for them to repeat- maybe on those last few repetitions each workout.

3. Get yourself organized. No more tiny slips of paper, post-it notes, or scribbles on your check book. Touch it once and then forget it. So in your scheduling system if you do a complimentary assessment that you don’t sell, you’re going to add “call John Doe” to your task calendar for two weeks from now so you don’t have to remember it but it will be there on your to-do that day.

4. Create something to look forward to outside of work every day. Right now this is especially important. Work can flow into home… into workouts…you get the picture. That can leave you staring at the ceiling at night thinking about conversations you wish had gone differently and unable to relax. Put some social outings on your calendar, or make sure you leave time to build snowmen with the kids. The balance will do you, and your business good.


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