The Happy Fitness Customer Myth

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You Push You Lose Them.

Your job is to give them what they need. Even when you feel them pushing back. Ironically, most trainers take pride in being known for “the tough trainer.” Jillian, for instance? America’s Toughest Trainer. And there are a lot of trainers out there trying to rival her. Being “hard” is not the same as being “good.”

Yet, clients often need to do something they don’t want to do. They fail to see that doing 11 intervals on a day that you prescribed 6 is not doing “better.” They don’t see that cutting calories too much will prevent full recovery, that the extra workout won’t mean faster weight loss it could mean too much cortisol.

If you simply pat them on the back and compliment the effort when you know it’s not right? You don’t win your client over because you keep them happy today. Ultimately, you lose them when you have to look back and say that this tactic probably wasn’t the best strategy. And you, you as the trainer, are the one who should have known it and called them on it.

You can’t always be “popular” with your clients if they’re going to get results. Or with your staff members either, if they’re going to get results. When it’s wrong and you know it, it’s time to point it out. You can still compliment the effort and thought but your job is to lead and educate about the why of ever move, every rep, every why. If they aren’t complying they don’t understand it.

If after they understand it they don’t comply you should still not go to the other side and agree with whatever they want to do.

No full schedule is worth it and ultimately your reputation will be based on lack of long term results.

They Push You, You Lose Them Anyway.

If you have plenty of testimonials when a client is talking about how they disagreed with you and trusted and are still with you, you’re doing something right. If you have too many prior clients that you couldn’t go to for a testimonial you may need to push just a bit more.

When you know you’re right about what’s best for a client, push for it.


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