Half- Time is Almost Here Are You Half Way To 2015’s Goals? A Way to Grow This Summer’s Revenue

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If You Love The Job You’re Doing and Know No One Else Can Do It Better, You Sleep Well At Night

If you don’t have the energy and commitment to overreach like any athlete would in sports training are you really in the right position?

I hope you’re emphatically claiming yes.

If you’re complacently earning what you earn and clocking in without improving your skills, yourself and your reach to other people I encourage you to think hard about how you want to spend the second half of your year.

There are two kinds of tired. I’ve heard trainers complain about not earning enough and watched them not take enough action to do anything about it.

And I’ve watched and been a part of working 24/7 but sleeping better than a baby because I loved what I was doing, earned freedom to do it the way I did it best and never worked harder but loved every minute.

When you’re in the right spot doing the right thing you don’t want to give it up even if you hate the circumstances, even if the risk of doing it could be a lot of financial turbulence. But eventually you will. Because when it’s not all coming together it’s just not going to. You will have the opportunity to find something better than the thing you’ve outgrown or never really wanted in the first place. The paycheck is a means to an end that will never motivate you to grow as a person into a leader…where you are.

The simplicity of not being at your goal revenue halfway through the year is not so simple.


But that has an easier fix if you’re willing to see it through. One event, one effort at doing something is never enough. A campaign lasts years…events that happen annually to build your reputation. One time is not evidence anything worked or didn’t. It’s just a learning opportunity to get closer to what works better and continue laying the foundation.

This is no different. As a PR support and as a statement of what you stand for, what you brand, this project that could last the rest of the summer is about helping childhood obesity rates and growing the responsibility of youth. Offer free access to your club for high school kids and middle school, depending on your policy.  Insist that they can use it between your slow down time in the morning and your fast times in the evening. Make it 11-4 or 5 for instance. Give them all special membership cards. Enroll them. Have them attend an orientation. Have interns mentor them if you’ve got the time.

And enroll the youth in helping you when you need it. Make it a part of the enrollment that they help you… move equipment, clean the fitness center, host a race or party, volunteer at training programs you hold outdoors. Not like a job but for special events. You always have a need for an extra pair of hands. Some of the youth who take advantage may need this kind of trust placed in them as much as they need the exercise.

You may be thinking that you’ll lose money with the youth memberships you have who will want to take advantage. Do it anyway, the good you do and the spirit you inspire in your business community will be worth it. You don’t have to refund, just extend. Monthly will it hurt a bit? Maybe until you see the positive branding it gives you. Be transparent and be open but don’t toot your own horn. Someone in the media will tell you story if you know how to “be news.”

You have 6-8 weeks left before school. Go!


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