How to Get, Hire, and Train a Growth Mindset

Got a Growth Mindset? or Hurting Your Business Unknowingly?

This month on the book review we’re … well, we’re playing a big game of catch up!

We’re picking up right back where we left off after a review of Dark Horse and Good to Great.I’ll link to that podcastin case you missed it and you’re looking for intriguing summer reads (or audio books).

 How Do You “READ”?

And I’m curious, I’d love to hear from you about how you consume books in 2019. Do you read or do you listen? Just respond either below the show notes at or in the social media post where you saw this.

The Book:

Mindset by Carol S. Dweck

The Reviewer:

Tom Durkin, Owner operator Ames Fitness and Fitness World Ankeny in the Midwest.  The CEO of Health & Fitness Management and 40 years experience in fitness industry sales and management. Not a silent partner but someone in buildings every day responding to phone calls, emails, of 315 employees and thousands of customers. He like so many others who have successful track records is a voracious reader and has a personal library of over 2000 books.

If you’re new to fitness, meaning just 10 or 15 years of experience, you may not understand how longevity is rare. There are not a lot of independent owners of fitness who have created profitable sustainable businesses that influenced thousands of lives for 40 years. That’s someone’s book recommendation you want to take seriously.

The Fixed vs. Growth Mindset 

The entire book is based on the Fixed vs. Growth mindset. It’s intended for parents, coaches, and leaders of any kind. The purpose is to help those in charge cultivate a growth mindset. So whether you are in charge of others or have children, or you want to take charge of your own mindset, this is for you.

In work, sports, relationships mindset matters. Sports is potentially most applicable to listeners though all are relevant.

Sample Mindset Differences

Fixed mindsetsays… I’m a natural… good or bad

Growth mindsetsays… I don’t really know how good I could be because I haven’t put in a lot of effort at it

Fixed mindsetsays… I’m not comfortable with that

Growth mindsetsays… I’ve never done that, I can’t wait to learn, this will be an interesting challenge

Fixed mindsetsays…. I don’t want to do that I’m not good at it

Growth mindsetsays…. I am determined to get better at this, I love learning what the steps are, it stimulates me

Fixed mindsetsays…. If I don’t win I fail

Growth mindsetsays…. this was a great learning experience!

There are always going to be “no” responses in fitness sales. We discussed the growth mindset in praising and rewarding effort.

Is this book a must-read? Yes!

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Book mentioned:

Talent Is Overratedby Geoff Colvin

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