The Fastest Way to Grow Your Social Media Channels

Want to know the fastest way to grow your social media channels?

Buy likes.

But … spoiler alert. That’s not the question you really want to ask!

These are the questions:

  • How do you grow your customer base?
  • How do you grow your email list?
  • How do you engage interested prospects?
  • How do you create valuable posts and content your ideal customer can’t resist?

Because unless you know how to monetize your social media it is a waste of time to try and grow it. Decide what your business model is and if it’s get more clients or have them pay more or both a large number of social media followers does not do that. Not unless you know how to grow a complete funnel and bring them to your email list then nurture and sell them.

So here’s the answer to those questions.

It’s all about how you show up. All the time. Not when you have a consultation and you want to sell a prospect.

But when you have no consults and you want more clients.

When you aren’t working with someone anymore and you wish they’d come back or renew.

When you see someone doing something wrong that either is wasting their time or could lead to injury.

Who are you then?

You have to show up all the time.

And these times are the BEST time to show up because… let’s face it, you change when you go into a consult. You get weird. And so does your customer. They brace themselves. They know you’re going to try to sell them. And they get defensive before they even get there. In fact, if you have a lot of no-shows, that’s much of the reason. Sure, you think, it’s because you’re giving it away and they haven’t paid and it’s free… all a part of it but mostly… they don’t think “oh, I can’t wait, this trainer is going to give me some really helpful tips so that I can start getting better results.” ??

No. They aren’t thinking that.

When you go to a car dealership, are you thinking, “Oh this is going to be so good, I’m going to get great advice on the best value for my dollar and which car really has what I need and no more.” ??

No. You’re thinking, that salesperson is going to try to sell me today. Right now on the spot.

So if you want to get them there you do that by doing a series of steps leading up to the consultation. That, by the way, goes beyond the reminder email, and the reminder text and reminder phone call.

It’s starting to give them value before they even arrive.

But mostly, it’s establishing a reputation of giving, giving, giving.

If you leave the building or spend your free time (when you wish you had clients) on a computer there’s no little to no chance you’re going to develop a reputation for giving.

And hey, I get it. I was a single mom for 10 years who needed to leave and get to kid events and go cook supper and all the things. I wanted to do my workout during down time. I get it. And you should.

But find a way to make every walk through the gym floor add value for someone. Not chit chat… but a tip. Stop and show a simple correction or additional option. Or.. if you feel like you can’t or that situation doesn’t present itself without taking away from your clients, dedicate a time to do it- do a free presentation or exercise Q and A right at your facility on Fridays at 12:30pm or online if you’re a digital business. You be live in the gym and let them be home or office asking questions so you can demonstrate. That way you can plan it, and be giving.

Who are you when you are NOT selling?

That’s how you get more clients, get more testimonials, get more reputation as the go-to generous person. You don’t have to sell you have to show them who you are, how they win, and if you’re giving something valuable enough that they don’t want it in random 5 minutes but want it regularly to get better results, they’ll be asking if you have room for them. Grow Your Social Media Channels

So circling back. The very type of valuable content you give your prospects and clients that solves problems is what will grow your social media channels. It gives them insight into why they aren’t getting results but makes them feel GOOD (not dumb or ignorant for doing it wrong – you know who you are if you post those condescending messages!) because now they know there’s another way to think about it.

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