4 Ways to Grow Your Email List with Your Fitness Videos

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Today’s episode is all about how to grow your email list by making better videos that stand out. Let’s face it there are a lot of people online right now. Both your customers and your competitors so you might think that’s good and bad.

The truth is its good and good.

Consistency Often Wins

Few people are going to get in it and stick with it long enough to look at the stats and change what they’re doing to get better results. Consistency if that’s your greatest asset, will get you far.

So while you can’t just create videos you think they need, you need to create fitness videos they want and meet them where they are, you can make a very good compromise.

This episode is really about diving into what your stats and insights tell you about your videos so that you can make the right decisions. SO if you haven’t been using analytics to your advantage on your fitness videos, now is the time. You can only grow your email list by tracking numbers and using strategy.

  • Views – up or down
  • Watch time – up or down
  • Subscribers – up or down
  • Top Videos in this period

Are They Yours?

What you want to know from there is are those people coming to your email list? What has been most effective for you to grow your email list?

To do that you have to have something they want and will exchange their email address for.

So while I’m not going to go into that now, I’ve got blogs and podcasts on how to create something of value that customers can consume in a short amount of time and get a quick win.

You’ve got to be looking at your Google analytics too.

If you’re using YouTube or Facebook or Instagram, are you able to see that your social media channels, particularly the one you want to shine are actually a source of traffic on your site.

What You’ll Learn to Grow Your List

From my own analytics for instance I know that I have both organic and paid traffic. When I separate and only look at everything but ads my biggest source of traffic is organic traffic – meaning I’m coming up in searches for my key words. That’s thanks to content.

Then my next source of traffic is direct meaning people actually know my name or Flipping 50 and they add that to the browser and get to my site. Then? My next source is YouTube.

Which is good. I can confirm that the time and effort I put in making videos is worth it and then I may want to use ads to grow further. The next question I’d need to ask is whether it’s working to grow my email list. How many of those people landing on a web page with a form actually sign up?


Then you want to look at the videos that got the top number of views during a certain period. What do people like? And is it inspiring subscribers? Are they watching the content longer?

What were the most popular topics? Is this seasonal? Is it consistent?

What’s the truth about the popular top 10?

Say you have 3 or 4 videos in your top 10 that have titles about arms

Or you have several that are titles featuring abs or core

You’re looking for the themes that attract the most people

First Funnel

What you have is the beginning of a funnel. So create a cheat sheet that goes deeper into the topic that the most people are clicking on.

Place a call to action in your video to get your cheat sheet. You have to have an email service – something like Constant Contact or AWeber or Mailchimp are common ones to start out with.

Free to Fee

When you send them from the video to the website you’ll have your webform there. Front and center where they’ll opt in for your freebie.

From there you nurture them with similar content, and offer them a service or product that makes sense.

Keep in mind that right now people need a different type of product or service than they used to need and want. So think problem solve.

I’ll link to yesterday’s podcast where I talked all about problem solving – the mindset of trainers who are thriving right now.

There you have it, how to make videos that serve a purpose for both you and customers who are looking for answers to problems.


Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist

Think your fitness career is down the drain? I call BS

Show notes: Fitnessmarketingmastery.com/grow-your-list

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