How To Grow Your Facebook Engagement Dramatically without a Budget

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Mom Was Right: Sharing is “IT”

At least on Facebook. Just being there isn’t worth much if no one notices. Your page likes (total) doesn’t matter. Your engagement matters. The number of people not that you “reached” but that engaged: they liked, commented or shared.

If you think of it like a game “likes” get one point. Comments get two points. Shares get three. It’s like the bronze, silver or gold of the social olympics.

That’s the good news.

Here’s the bad. A large number of page likes with a small engagement number hurts. You’ll see it in your reach. Facebook isn’t even showing your posts to more than 2-3% of your peeps any more. If you don’t get them to engage, there’s no chance you can win the game. Facebook would like you to think that the answer is throwing money at it. A $5 boost. Unfortunately that doesn’t help. See for yourself why. When you do that, most of the time the people who engage – if they do – are the same people who would have engaged anyway. You might pick up a random new person but they probably haven’t liked your page and may not. Once is just not enough.

There are ways you can grow your page. I grew from about 500+/- on one of my pages last September to about 17K mostly organically other than advertising for group coaching or webinars with Facebook ads. For the last 4 months I’ve done nothing but organic posting. Still growing, still gaining new customers (who pay).

And that’s the real secret, right? We may want fans for our popularity contest we’re running in our heads but what we really want is the mythological customers that are supposed to come from Facebook for business.

It’s possible. 90% of personal trainers and fitness businesses (actually worse situation here – because its a bigger challenge to serve all age groups with all services all the time- if that’s you, you don’t know where to start?!) are doing it wrong. Not intentionally, for the most part – but there are those that think their way will be better and unfortunately they lose their jobs or sell their business. Marketing is a science not an art of what you want to do and what color you want to do it.

There are 10 (and more) simple “must do” habits that are working on social media. You won’t know by watching someone who has a lot of fans and followers if they are making a lot of money…that’s a risk you take by guessing. Large page numbers should be reflected in large numbers of comments and shares on each and every post.

If you want the inside story and you don’t just want to sit and watch, you really need to stop procrastinating and start doing – but don’t know how- then consider the two-hour Facebook for Fitness Business webinar next week. Thursday July 23 11-1 MST (12-2 CST/1-3 EST). You will join the webinar where I’ll share the what’s and whys with examples and then you’ll see my screen and “workshop” your own posts using images and designing your own killer posts to see what kind of engagement you get.

To attend: have a business (not just personal) page already set up. You can do it between now and then if you don’t have it yet. But you’ll be totally lost and unable to participate without a business page. Then you’ll want to do some focus work on who you want to attract. I’ll include a list of questions for you to answer before we go live so you are ready to maximize your time and get results and feedback so that when it counts you’re rocking the page.

Register here. If you’re not doing these 10 things but you’re hoping Facebook will help your business? You’re throwing away AT LEAST 10x the registration fee every week!


PS. Questions about it? Shoot em to me here.

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