11 Tips for a Great Interview| Get More Media #298

#298 How would you like to give a great interview? Or first, get more media opportunities? Book more podcasts? In order to stand out and get your message out to more people you want to make the most of every conversation.

When you land a minute on the news or the paper calls to interview you for an article, you want to make the most of it. 

Here are 11 Tips for a Great Interview

1. Start with an introduction that intrigues

2. Share 3 takeaways

            Make sure you are not there to talk about your book or program but to give tips and actionable items

3. Talk in sound-bytes (and pause)

            Remember it’s a conversation not a monologue

4. Answer thoroughly

            No “yes” or “no” answers, say a bit more to explain

5. Tell stories or use analogies

            Your story, a client story, like withdrawing money from the bank …

6. Practice tonality (up not down)

            Be better than boring

7. Put authority in your voice

            If you’re too soft or too slow no one believes you know what you’re talking about

8. Be clear: If you confuse you lose

            A short easy answer – you can always elaborate if asked

9. Make it easy for the interviewer

10. Provide the talking points or the questions as aske

            Ask questions, do research in advance

            Who is the audience? What is their problem?

11. Make it news

(your book or program is not news)

Don’t Wait to Be Asked

You can create your own opportunities to give a great interview. You don’t need to wait around for it to happen. Call the local radio and tv stations and let them know you’ve got tips on how to use exercise for boosting immunity. Suggest 5 moves someone can do at home. For core, hips, lower back, stretches… the content you come up with is endless.

The key is, make it news, and make it entertaining. If any other fitness pro (who could overcome stage fright) could do it, it’s not got a good enough angle.

Content that Makes a Great Interview

Use brand new released studies, or seasonal and timely information. Think ahead. Sure, it may be January, but what is going to be news next month? Heart health? Or if you’re hearing this in October, it’s time to talk about holiday weight gain and tips to make those traditional meals healthier or avoid holiday weight gain. News stations already have today and tomorrow filled.

They’re looking for content for 3-4 weeks from now, that’s unique they can begin teasing and adding to other content now.

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