Great by Choice, Does it Describe Your Career?

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Great by Choice, Does it Describe Your Career?

 Are you great, or desire to be? Do you have a conventional education or not?

Tom Durkin

Owner operator Ames Fitness and Fitness World Ankeny in Midwest

CEO of Health & Fitness Management

40 years in fitness industry sales, management

2000 books in his personal library

200 300 last year 900K visits

58,000 personal training sessions

315 employees


  • What book (or books) are we talking about today and who are the authors?

Great by ChoiceJim Collins

Dark Horse-Todd Rose

  • How influenced are you – or should others be – on “best seller lists” ? If they’re simply popularity contests based on the best marketing and promotion campaigns, there are likely some bombs on those lists and some “sleepers” out there that no one else knows about until a review like this.
  • What’s been the best and most reliable source of what-to-read-next for you?
  • How much does the author’s background, credentials, and experience matter to you in your selection of what to read next?
  • What made these books review-worthy?
  • What are the biggest take-aways from Great by Choice?

Are you living up to your potential?

Who are you competing against? Are you great compared to them?

Are you fulfilled and full according to your goal?

Am I taking the steps to do it?

  • What steps can you take to be great by choice?
  1. Talk to people to create rapport, offer a session, use a script, ask for a sale
  2. Have a list of leads
  3. Book speeches, presentations, creating podcasts articles
  4. Be prepared, planned for the customers you have
  5. Measure how many times you’ve done each of these steps regularly (daily, weekly)

“People who are great by choice have clear performance markers.”

– Tom Durkin, 40-year fitness industry owner & manager

Everybody has talent. There are many pathways to success and fulfillment. A non-traditional approach doesn’t necessarily put you at a disadvantage.

  • Could a non-traditional approach be an asset? In fitness, not having a degree or starting late in life, for example might be an asset.
  • What do you think of the statement “Being Different, is Better than Being Better”?

Another book this is reminiscent of – Outliers, by Malcom Gladwell. (not on our review list right now)
If you had to recommend a top 10 books to read on habits of successful people… would either or both make the cut?

No to Great By Choice

No to Dark Horse

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Have you read Great by Choice or Dark Horse?

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