What If You Only Got Paid When They Got Fitness Results?

It’s About Them

You create posts. You create emails. You create flyers.

I hope you create videos. I hope you create audio. I hope you’re getting out there to shake hands and kiss babies regularly.

All of that is about THEM. Your success depends on them.

You write a mission statement. If you’re thinking about your customer and what they’d want to know about you if they were going to be with their friend your content will grow richer.

If you were thinking that you don’t get paid unless they get results how much would your copy improve? How much would your process, your forms, your intake, your process get clear?

How much more focused would you be? What systems would be in place so that you could do that better?

Too often our mistake is that we think people want to know what you do or how you do it. They first want to know if you can give them what they want and they have to like you.

You have to sell. To the customer. Fitness is still not mainstream enough that you’re going to go buy another tube of toothpaste when you’re out. People still think it’s a luxury, not mandatory. Or they can feel plaque on their arteries like they can feel plaque on their teeth. There is no immediate ill feeling. It creeps in. Then when a person has let it go, they are reluctant to start again.

That sets up a need for you to sell, to have excellent copy, every step of the way.

Be honest, how sloppy or on target are you at the 18th session of 20? or the 35th session of 50? Do you have the same follow up, the same extensive workout recording so the customer is reminded about the detail in your attention to them?

Shift to them.. what if you don’t get paid unless your customer gets the measurable results that they want and you promise?

How would you change your game?

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