Got Kids? Got Parents!

If someone likes your kids, or better yet, your kids like them, there’s a really good chance that you’ll like them!

Show an interest in the youth already in your business…whether because you offer childcare or tennis or swimming lessons, or because it’s not too late and you’re going to offer a couple kids events this summer!

You may not be a youth expert, but during the summer there are some unemployed elementary physical education teachers who might be interested in doing a half day or one day fitness event for youth.

If you haven’t planned a youth program, you’re a little behind schedule, but you could still get a couple short term days on the calendar as long as you make sure you minimize conflicts- look at peak travel times- July, for instance or the first week of August for us is a hard time to launch anything new because we’ve got a ton of people in and out of town. Yet a one-day event on a week day morning or afternoon might just work for you.

Or just have a party on Friday from 11-12 in the Group Fitness studio- for kids who are in the nursery and childcare program at your club. Set age ranges for different hours, or have two rooms going at once, one for older and one for younger. Then give every child a ‘goody’ bag when they leave (use small things from Oriental Trading Company or think like party favors bag- in it place a coupon for Mom and Dad – for a complimentary session, or a discounted package, and an expiration date that’s not not than two weeks out. Indicate how they should act on it… a phone number to call, how to reach the front desk to schedule, etc.

It’s a great little customer appreciation thing to do. Take a video of it and post that on You Tube, selecting the highlights where there is a lot of fun and fitness. You can re-post that for future events that you might want to hold, and charge for over school and holiday breaks.

Brainstorm! Find out who on your staff already has an interest in youth. Put together a little age-appropriate goody bag- bubbles are great- kids blow them and run and catch or pop them; super balls, jump ropes…things that encourage movement or coordination fit your theme!


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