Got all your fitness marketing eggs in one basket

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The Only Thing You Own is Your Email

Your marketing eggs should include Facebook and Twitter and YouTube first and foremost. Yet the big grand-daddy is email. The only reason you should be on social is to bring your fans and followers to your email list. Not just to your website.

Facebook can shut you down tomorrow. So could Twitter or YouTube. You don’t own them.

So many trainers are creating a website without have a reason for it’s existence. Putting up the selfies of your biceps, abs or kitchen is not enough. It may not even be what you want at all depending on who your customer is. If you get them to your website you need to capture their contact information. It should be the number one reason any elements are selected for your site. Visit your front door regularly and be sure it has a wreath on it. Are you welcome? Do you tell a visitor just exactly what to do in about 5 seconds while you still have their attention? Do you have something there so juicy that they will give you their email and have another pain-in-the-butt email clogging the artery of their desire to workout, work on their own business, or get home to their family?

So? Yes, use your social sites, use your email (most of all this is your anchor) and use your website in ways that give you leverage. Know which and why and when. Expand your reach with podcasting, webinars, articles, blogs.

What about the other elephant in the room?

If you’re “full” today you could be out tomorrow. If two or three clients you see two or three times a week leave? They go away for the summer, the winter or lose their job you are out.

If you’re sick or injured and can’t conduct your sessions? Do you have a back up? Do you have a revenue stream from online products and services you’ve created once to sell over and over again while you sleep? Do you have a staff member or trainer who can step in so you can still retain an override of sessions?

Diversify your business delivery. Your DNA is not just who you serve. Your DNA is how you deliver it. CLICK to TWEET If you only do one-to-one sessions you will have a problem with days off, injury, illness and hit a ceiling where you either burn out or can’t make more when the market won’t tolerate higher rates.

  1. Look at your marketing and get a “team” of platforms working for you.
  2. Look at the way you delivery services and grow them to automate and leverage your knowledge.


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