Got All Your Eggs In One Basket, Trainer?

 In professional development

Talent is Over-rated

The difference between having some level of education, talent or skill and reaching your potential is work. The most successful people you’ll ever meet have worked their way there. They start earlier, work later, don’t take many vacations away from work and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

They aren’t exhausted by it they’re exhilarated by it. They don’t leave and abandon ship. They take their creative work with them wherever they go and ideas find them when they’re away.

At some point having the degree and getting the certification mean you’re starting with a blank slate again. It’s all even. No one knows or cares if you got a 69% or aa 99% on your exams as long as you passed. No one cares any longer if you were a 4.0 or a 2.9 GPA. It just isn’t discussed. What is, is work ethic.

The people who get there don’t worry about how they look or start with thinking about success being their end point. They have a goal of serving x amount of people, earning x amount of money in order to pour it back into their business and help others. They don’t usually put themselves out in front of the crowd unless it serves a business purpose.

Malcolm Gladwell, the very well-know author writes (and speaks) regularly of these key points. Environment and habits not genetics and gifts are what bring someone to their potential. Practicing and rehearsing the things that matter frequently. Not preparing the power point but rehearsing the speech and the tone and eye contact. Not selecting the outfit based on how it looks but on whether or not it doesn’t distract from what the message is.

A truly destined for successful entrepreneur does these things, and doesn’t have to work at them. They’re natural.

You can, however, train yourself to have this kind of discipline.


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