Why Goals Will Change The Effective Use of Your Fitness Business Time

Measure Twice, Cut Once

If you aren’t sure what matters you’re spinning around so busy you don’t have time to make progress in your business. If you have decided clearly what you want…. to grow your business by 66% in the coming year for instance ( a goal of a growing independent trainer just striking out alone) you know monthly what has to happen to get there. You know the dollar revenue that you need for each month, each week and the number of customers it’s going to take to get there.

If you have the goals you can set the priority of your actions and time spend. If you are a director or owner and spend your time training too many clients the reality is that your time creating programs and ads and marketing that drives your numbers up is squeezed out. You’re too busy dealing with the immediate need to grow a long term success.

Yet, without the goal, you can’t see that.

The goal serves as your mission statement.

If you want to speak or be on TV or Radio regularly, you’ll need weekly time to promote and pitch your story ideas to the press. It doesn’t happen spontaneously.

If you want to increase sales revenue you have to increase your revenue streams, the people using your current revenue streams, or raise your rates. You have to have a plan to do that and decide how you’ll get better. Do you need time dedicated to increasing selling skills? Time to increase the effectiveness of marketing so you attract people who are ready to buy? Do you need to create more programs that you know your customers will want to invest in?

Answers to these questions become clear if you have clear goals. Projections get easy. You know the potential for every service and product you have now. You can see what would happen if you increased programs, or consultations to sell.

Set goals. That’s the easy part. Then set the actions and the time you need to spend getting to them.

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