Why You Should Go Place an Order at Vistaprint now

You Just Sold a Happy Customer: Did You Increase the Sale by 20%?

What if you did that? Every sale you made was worth 20% more than it is now? What would your number be at the end of this month? Or the year?

It would make a difference, right?

Of course it would.

How many times are you missing the opportunity?

Stop right now..open another browser and visit Vistaprint.com

You may have used them before. Fast, simple solutions for business cards in a hurry. I used to have my trainers go there for their first cards.

I realized I’m five days from a trip, almost out of cards, and need a new design. Not a quick thing to do by going to town, getting a designer to lay it out, getting them printed, having to pick up…. so I jumped online. It has been 15+ years maybe more since I used them. It was even better, faster, easier than before. It was also like being in a candy store with a sweet tooth.

I checked out…and they showed me 8 other products with MY LOGO…that’s like someone saying your name. You love your logo, right? You have fallen in love with your logo, admit it. (Now, in 10 years you’re going to think – what was I thinking, but I digress). So when you see your logo on a cap, a t-shirt, a pen, sticky notes, thank you cards, stickers…. it’s pretty sexy.

So, are you curious? What’s I buy? Yep. Here’s how it went. I conservatively got the middle package size of cards (sales tip: make the middle package the MOST attractive one) then I had to have 20 thank you cards, and the stickers were very cool.

THEN, there was a bonus, bonus… and I could get 10 more..after I’d checked out for an even lower price if I did it right now. Yep. 30 cards coming my way along with my stickers, and oh, yeah, what was my original reason for going? Business cards, that’s it.

My point… You sell the membership if you’re that kind of facility. Personal training is a LOW rate compared to that if you have an entry package. Sell a single but comprehensive one time session. Assessment and strategy session. Don’t call it a consultation. Everyone in a consultation knows its not free. So sell it. Agree to do a post follow up in 8 weeks. They’re either winning or they need you.

What else could you be upselling that you don’t even ask about?

  • personal training assessment & strategy session
  • personal training bronze
  • personal training silver
  • personal training gold
  • towel service
  • monthly challenge club (you send a monthly challenge for those independent people who hate group anything)
  • membership area with videos to download on iPhone and use anywhere
  • travel service – route their runs for them, design exercise based on the facilities available
  • Corporate on-site no-sweat lunch exercise (yoga, conditioning, Pilates, foam rolling)
  • Nutrition coaching
  • t-shirts
  • visors/caps
  • sweat towels
  • water bottles

I wanted to see my logo. What would your customers want to see? It might not be your logo. Is it something that could be a tagline for your business or a hashtag you use and want them to?


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