Give Them A Reason to Love You

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How Well Are You Doing With That?

If you have no traffic you have a real problem.

There’s no shortage of traffic. There is a shortage of relationship nurturing with the traffic you have.

What’s your open rate? What’s your click rate?

How many people respond to an email?

If you’re staring at the screen and I could hear crickets you have a problem. But it’s not a traffic problem. What you’re telling your traffic is to take a detour. You see, by not talking to your traffic – the people who already came into your facility, or visited your website and got on your email list – you’re telling them to go somewhere else for their information.

You’re saying yes, but….

I send a weekly newsletter.  

Yum. Right? Just what I want is another “newsletter” from a business who is going to spam me with their services. Like I have time for that. Even better if they’re using subject lines provided by mass email providers and marketers that are like the other 50 emails in my box.

Today alone….from a fitness marketer, an email marketing service, a chiropractor, a fitness professional and an information products provider I have three emails with almost the same subject line or one that the others have used within the last week. Can we be any more carbon copy?

Run the other way Forest!!! This is an amazing opportunity for you!

Know your customer better than anyone else does and write them a few love letters. About the things you know they’re thinking about. Women over 60 want to go to yoga but you know what they REALLY are afraid of that they don’t tell you? Not that they aren’t flexible enough…that they’ll have gas in the middle of class. Yep. No kidding So …. talk about it. In the email to them in their private inbox. Tell them how to help their digestive issues so that they CAN come to class without risk of embarrassment.

Do the same for the men with prostate concerns. They fear they’ll have to use the bathroom too often. It’s really not just the fact that they don’t want to or they’re lazy. If you’re the fitness professional who “gets them” – you win!

Why not write an article or even an ebook about the topics that REALLY concern your target customer? The objection behind the objection. Then put it out as a possible download in your email. Get those people on a private list of their own. And start having a conversation with them.


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