Getting the Overweight Large Size Person To Start

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If You’re Caught Up In The Biggest Loser mentality you’re pushing clients away faster than you’re attracting them.

An overweight or large-size person deals with very different factors influencing their desire or repulsion for exercise. If you’re wearing a tight shirt right now, complaining about a few extra ounces, showing your midriff… you’re not after this market: you can skip this video.

If you do want to make a difference you have to increase your awareness that it’s nothing like what you wrestle with on a low-motivation day. It feels nothing like when you start your warm up. It feels nothing like mid-workout when you’re glad you got there or afterwards when you are so glad you did it.

Nada. Not existing.

When and only when you realize this will you be able to attract, sell, motivate and retain them.

No, they tell you it doesn’t feel better. It won’t for a long long time. Don’t pretend for yourself or for them that it does.

Click the image or here to watch.

​If this market is one you want, gaining understanding of them will get you a head start.

A podcast with Exercise Psychologist Paddy Ekekakis in iTunes will give you even more insight.


Do you specialize with the overweight market? I’d love to interview you on your program and success rate.

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