4 Keys to Messages that Get More Sales

No matter what’s going on with the economy you can get more sales.

How are you going to get more sales during a time it may be harder or purse strings tighter? Is there or is there not going to be a recession? 

It’s almost the 1st of the month as I record this and last night I was reminded that I had to get something ordered because the special was almost over.  Not only did I order, I ordered 2 because it was a while they last, this is flying off the shelves, message. I ordered subscribe and save too because that means I get priority. I’d seen this thing and wanted to think about it. Because it said it was amazing but I was thinking about whether this was different from other products I’d tried. I ordered from a fellow golfmom friend I’d met years ago when our sons were on the same college golf team. I knew her as an accountant, so it took a minute for me to grasp she could now be a skin care consultant. But I’d been watching her posts for a couple years. She was having lots of success. So it was either a really good product, she was really good at customer care or both. And I just like her. 

If everyone is talking about a recession, I say, Good! Let them talk. Do you know why? Because during recessions people have committed to the things that are most important. If stress is higher, the need for what we do is greater. A recession post pandemic will mean a growth of wealth for some. For the ones that don’t allow their mindset to think that this is hard, no one is spending money, it’s not true.

You may not be creating the right solution. You may not be targeting the right customer. But there is an abundant set of people in need of what you’re doing, seeking support. 

So, this episode is a quick reminder of some of the basics of selling so you can get more sales and do it with integrity. 

From least to most important, so stay with me to the end! These are 

Get More Sales with These 4 Key Components


  • limited time
  • ends … 
  • bonuses go away 
  • price goes up


  • limited number
  • when they’re gone they’re gone 


  • solves a specific problem
  • for the individual (not their spouse, daughter) 


  • relative to where they are in their relationship with you
  • relative to where they are in their awareness of problem 

You’d include these on a opt in, a sales page, an email, and a post.


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