How to Get More Fitness Clients Excited About Buying

get more fitness clientsGet More Fitness Clients

Are you ready to increase fitness sales this fall? If summer was slow fall is fun! Not just the regulars but non-buyers will buy in fall. It’s a chance to increase your annual sales by reaching a new layer of the market and keeping them satisfied. Get more fitness clients excited about buying this fall, from YOU, with one powerful change in today’s post.

It doesn’t happen without planning. It boils down to one simple thing.

If your emails suck so will your sales.

Are you wasting your time sending out obligatory newsletters and “announcements” about your programs and sales?

Does it feel like, oh no, I have to schedule another email this week and I don’t know what to write?

Or you feel like you’re always promoting your programs and it’s feeling kind of sleazy to send another “ask” email?

If all you do is selling and you’ve all but forgotten that they actually want help solving problems before they’ll buy from you… then this is for you.

Your email marketing campaign is wasting your time and burning out your subscribers.

Check deliverability. Then check open rates. Next, check clicks.

Then check the people who opened and clicked.

Are they already your buyers?

All too often that’s true. You’ve got the same handful of people into your offerings and they love you. That’s a great sign. But how do you expand? How do you get non-buyers to buy?

You get them to open.

How do you get them to open?

Create better headlines.

It starts with them wanting to open what you’ve sent. Yes, you do have to have better content inside. For now, we’re going to focus on getting someone to open your email. (Assuming you’ve cleaned up your email bounces, and you’re sending with predicability that you’ve tested and told your customer you will send based on best open rates. (once a week is a minimum to every segment on your list and it has to be high value not ads/promotions)

First, make sure you don’t just have a big list of everyone. Segment your list into buyers and non-buyers that you can send emails to that’s more appropriate. Tag them appropriately so you can do that.

If a subscriber doesn’t open any emails after 6 months, get them off your list and into another one. That will improve your open rate with regular emails substantially. That, will tell you more about what your buyers and non-buyers need to hear. Set up a tag such that opening and clicks move them to another list.

With a second email list for those “inactive or unengaged” subscribers who haven’t unsubscribed yet – who’re they’re telling you that they don’t quite want to give up yet – you try a different technique. They may need more juicy content instead of spammy-feeling (to them) promotions. Believe it or not, they did NOT get on your list for the access to your “how to buy” content. They joined or opted in for support with a problem… and may feel all you’re doing is asking them to buy something – all the time.

So what do better headlines look like?

Here’s half a dozen headlines right from my inbox:

  • Savings on Group PT ends Sunday
  • Summer Fitness Savings
  • Nutrition at ABC Club
  • January Group Personal Training
  • Sale on Personal Training
  • Give the Gift of Health

If these were all from the same business, there’s a pattern, right? [spoiler alert: they are] Almost every one of them hints that inside is a promotion, a program, an opportunity to buy.  None of them suggest there’s an article or a “quick win” to help me with my workout today, my post-exercise nutrition today, or help me shed a few pounds. There’s no recipe I can make tonight or core exercise that helps me with the spare tire I want to deflate.

You’ll Train Them to Open, Delete, or Unsubscribe

This email sender will condition me to avoid opening unless I’m actually searching for an opportunity to buy “some program” because there is very little specific about any of these emails.

The sender has already told me – or at least strongly suggested – that there is nothing but descriptions inside about programs. There’s not much hope for support from content that communicates the way the trainers teach or let’s me start to know, like, and trust them. Unless I’m already a huge fan and buyer I’m not very likely to buy from a “cold” email like this.

Remember that the inside is your problem right now. You’ll have to deliver on whatever you tease with a headline. But getting someone to open is mandatory before  you get them to buy. If you aren’t having clicks to programs…from NON-buyers (only from repeat customers) … then you are leaving a lot of opportunity because of headlines and email copy that can easily be changed.

Let’s play headline makeover.

Use any one of these headline types to improve the chance you’ll get open:

  • Fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • Curiosity
  • Funny
  • Vanity
  • Greed
  • Lazy way out
  • Pain points

So the headlines above might become:

Savings on Group PT ends Sunday >>> This is my church! Yours too? (curiosity)

Summer Fitness Savings>>> 2 hydration tricks to use TODAY! (lazy way out)

Nutrition at ABC Club >>> You are what you eat… 4 food mistakes inside (vanity)

January Group Personal Training >>> 25 ways to optimal weight this year (pain point)

Sale on Personal Training >>> It’s almost over…did you miss this? (FOMO + curiosity)

Give the Gift of Health >>>Top 10 Gifts: No wrapping, no mall, no shipping costs (lazy)

The difference is there is a promise, an element of curiosity, and or a question. There’s something I can use right now. You and I are much more likely to open an email that peaks our interest because it solves a problem, it’s unique, and gives us a short cut.

There are other things about headlines that get the best open rates you want to notice:

  • Write in lower case just like you would a personal email
  • Use numbers instead of writing them out
  • Insert questions
  • Use … to tease content
  • Use ALL CAPS in a word you want to emphasize

Avoid the use of SALE in headlines, at least very often. There’s some evidence that spammy headlines like that don’t get good deliverability so you’re already sunk before you send. Try instead, “price reduction,” or “just dropped the price”.

Start benchmarking your email opens right now. Like anything else in your business with clients: what gets measured matters. You can’t test anything if you don’t start measuring it first.

Make changes in your headlines. It’s the #1 most important factor of whether you get opened by new subscribers. After a few stale headlines (OR great headlines with inside copy that promotion and sale oriented) your headlines won’t matter any more. So clean up both your outside and inside content and be a giver before you ask for sales.

Want evidence this works?

Compare the open rate of group fitness emails to that of personal training emails. Group fitness is always giving, giving the subscriber exactly what they wanted: help and fitness options that solve their problems.

Don’t get caught up in the fact that those are free and yours cost something. You can and have to give away tips and education content before anyone is buying from you, too.

Have a small list?

The right engaged audience of any size is better than thousands of unengaged subscribers. If you have a small list currently, every subscriber matters more! So start now with good habits and you’ll grow with the right subscribers. You’ve got a great opportunity.

Big take-aways:

  1. Segment your list into buyers and non-buyers (or be able to tag them so you send different emails to those people). Further segmentation is best. That’s an entire other post.
  2. Create better headlines that YOU would want to open if you didn’t even know you wanted personal training.
  3. Create problem-solving content so you’re conditioning subscribers to open for quick-wins and short reads.

Going for a specific market? Learn all you can about them! If you too want to serve women flipping 50, grab the quick read for tips on attracting and serving them. CLICK HERE and tell me where to send it.

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