4 Ways to Get More Fitness Clients Faster

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4 Ways to More Fitness Clients Faster

Even during the holidays

  1. Know who’s already looking for help.

This is what we call the low-hanging fruit for sure. When you want fast clients to fill your week you need to target those people who want it now. The fast track to more fitness clients is fitness seekers not couch potatoes.  You can always add those who need more education or more time to make decisions but they don’t help you grow fast.

  1. get more fitness clients fasterMeet them where they are.

They are on line. Know you’re demographic (please, don’t say everybody). Then find out where they get their recipes, find workout ideas, where they connect with friends, or if they love to binge watch IGTV.

  1. Give them a quick win right now.

You get more fitness clients by giving more fitness tips they love. They will come back for more. To do this you have to know your audience. Is your ideal client fed up with every WOD featuring burpees she can’t do or hates? Is she in constant knee pain and wants to exercise and feel better but limited by painful movement? When you nail your ideal customer’s problem you know what she’s asking Google or YouTube and you can create an answer.

What you can’t give in this moment is your philosophy. No one wants to tune in to read a blog that’s preaching at her. If you aren’t thinking about ONE customer you are talking to then you’re talking to no one when you write a blog or create a video.

To get more fitness clients you’ve got to be empathizing, using words she uses and making a connection.

  1. Tell them what to do next.

When you’ve done all the first three steps don’t leave them hanging! Once you’ve created 3 alternatives to burpees or 4 ways to relieve arthritis pain and move comfortably, then be sure you tell them what to do next! That’s called call-to-action and you think it’s silly but people need to be told exactly, don’t mince words, what to do.

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Be specific and tell them what to expect. How will it be delivered? How soon will it arrive?

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