Generate Leads the Old Fashioned Way

It’s so simple it’s often overlooked.

Trainers sometimes think that people will ask them if they need help.

Trainers think that they are extremely visible in their uniform shirts.

Reality is that most people think they should be able to do this by themselves. So they won’t ask for help. Or they will assume that if they were doing it incorrectly someone would tell them! So do!

Specifically, leg extension, lat pulldown, and leg curl are stations where you can help a lot of people. Beginners gravitate toward machine weights. So it’s an obvious place for you to find good prospects. At certain times of day you’ll find a higher percentage of seniors. Seniors welcome help. As long as they like you.

So create rapport; smile, introduce yourself, ask a question about them. Let them like you. Then offer to help.

Ask if you may give them a tip. Tell them why doing the exercise they are doing in a new way will benefit them more or lead to less risk of injury. They’re interested in both.

Talk in a loud voice. A senior doesn’t want to have to ask if they didn’t hear it all clearly before.

Slow down, too. Talking too fast or too soft with new information is a bad combination.

Ask if he is aware that you provide complimentary sessions. Has he had one yet? Explain the purpose and from there you will explain the value in a small package to help make sure that they are doing everything they can…for bone density, for arthritis, for balance, for strength maintenance, and doing it safely.

You’ll find three or four leads every day if you remain observant in the machine weight room.


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