8 Tricks to Get Your Clients Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

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8 Tricks to Get Your Clients Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

If they fall off your reputation may not. People expect it. But if they win – and even lose weight- your reputation soars. Here’s how.

1) Increase their sessions per week

As busy as they are if you can do 30-minute sessions with them, getting them in more frequently for short sessions may benefit them most. It’s the success-breeds-success formula. If they’ve got a session with you later in the day they’re going to do well earlier that day. If they have a session with you early they’re going to have better choices the rest of the day.

2) Add a coaching call component to in person sessions

Whether it’s those same more frequent short sessions in person or it’s this added coaching call, skype, or Facetime with you, checking in regularly is what made Weight Watcher’s famous. Even when people didn’t lose the weight or gained it all back WW got them back because accountability is the #1 thing people say they need and value. So give them what they want.

3) Add an incentive

Make it monetary, or status, or complimentary services. Let them choose. But if someone meets with you 4 more times during the holidays and you reward them with fifty dollars cash for not gaining weight… you still win and so do they.

4) Add a daily text

Make it personal. Sure you can create a group and send a mass text message. If you’re seeing a large number of people get a professional service and set this up like a real business. Don’t copy everyone in a group so they can see they’re just one of many. If you have 10-20 clients take the time to do this for each. What does it take? Copy and paste your email from your note and address it uniquely to individuals.

Drop in one relevant and easy tip to make it a “healthy day.”

5) Send a daily Personal Video

            You can do this easily and professionally and track the opens with a service like Bombbomb that I love. But you can skip the $500 annual fee and just record and send from your phone. Just a message with your smile and warm voice is enough. Or demonstrate a stress-busting stretch or core exercise.

6) Share a healthy recipe for the hors d’oeuvres they’ll have otherwise

            In your text message, email between sessions, or video share this and the place they can print or download.

7) Start a private Facebook group (pop up)  

Link it to an email list (you can capture their email with certain plugins on Facebook and you just ask for the email as a part of the questions to join the group).

8) Have a weigh in now and the first week of January

Have everyone interested pay $10 to join the one-horse-open weigh and if they gain weight, they forfeit their $10. If they maintain they’re still in. If they lose, they get a “chance” for every pound the lost. Hold a drawing for the winners of the $ prize as well as some extra gifts so there are plenty of winners. Give away a group program, towel service for a month, a VIP locker for a month, or something else of value (that ideally isn’t a time investment for you).

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