What’s the Future of the Fitness Industry after the COVID19?

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The future of the fitness industry is definitely changed forever. The value of health and fitness has increased. Potential fear of public places, shared spaces and equipment may carryover for a long time after.

My Guest

Tom Durkin, CEO of Health Fitness Management, Inc. in Central Iowa joined me for a candid talk about what it’s like to have 300 employees and 4 locations at a time like this. In 40 years of experience managing, owning and operating multiple centers he’s been inside every day, he offered his thoughts at this moment.

When we recorded live March 25th, 2020 projections were made by Trump that he wanted business back open by April 11th or 15th. If that’s even possible it will still have had a major impact on the fitness industry.

The Change That’s Coming

It will have a major impact on fitness customers. While older adults were more and more freely entering facilities and seeking trainers in studios and rec centers, will they rethink that after this situation?

Our discussion doesn’t provide any answers. No one has them right now. It may however let you know you’re not alone. No one knows and everyone is in uncharted territory. They don’t have answers.

We may not have seen the worst. We may still be toying with the idea of statewide quarantine or nationwide quarantine. Is it something that will help things resolve sooner and put fewer people at risk? We don’t really know.

Wait or Act?

This is a time to be proactive however. Fitness centers doing repairs, remodeling, cleaning, upgrades will be ready for reopening.

Personal trainers who are improving their skills and knowledge about online business, digital business, improving their email skills and getting live in front of their clients and customers daily will be investing in their future.

We’re Not Going Back

Those who don’t will find that personal training as they knew it is gone. The level of customer service, connection, follow up and follow through is now going to have greater expectations.

You are valuable, and you will be compensated for that value. In order to earn it however you’re going to have know exactly who you have to be.

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