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What’s the future of fitness? What will happen to the fitness industry, and specifically to your business. As you knew it, it likely will never be the same. Those businesses built on sales over service, and those trainers who loved training but without follow up and connection to the customers they lost or didn’t get, may be eliminated completely. A new service-oriented structure may emerge where trainers still need to be as business-savvy as passionate, and who can pivot quickly to serve will not survive, but thrive.

My guest is Erin Carson, co-owner and Operating Manager at RallySport Boulder, and trainer to some of the world’s greatest endurance athletes if not America’s athlete sweethearts. She is also a world class age-group athlete herself. She’s a leader in so many ways and I tapped into her knowledge and gut feelings about the future of fitness and the fitness industry in this special episode.

Questions we discussed in this episode:

1) What’s the Corona fitness climate in Boulder right now?

What are you doing online now to connect with your customers now? How are you serving them differently?

2) You and Melissa your co-owner and partner sent out a special email yesterday about how you’re supporting your salaried staff and your customers right now – share a bit of that

You wanted to add to the conversation about taking care of your people?

3) I’ve seen you – very early on – be one of the first and potentially only individual/business owner/fitness professional offer to help get groceries, run errands and just basically serve… those with compromised immune systems. How can others focus on who they are that will impact the future of fitness?

4) You also made a statement and PSA about being careful right now with workouts…

With so many choices given all fitness pros are jumping online and offering workouts and plans ….It was a word of caution – let’s talk about that because it was great advice.

5) What about the integrity issue you’re seeing either emerge?

6) How are you personally buffing up your immune system?

7) I’m going to ask you to speculate on the future of fitness which is dangerous and yet I think by doing it we may help any trainers listening… What do you think this period in history will do for the fitness industry? We’ll all be changed from this – how do you think the fitness industry – and let’s bring it down to individual personal trainers… how will trainers be impacted by this? And in the end… how will this effect consumers?

Clearly this is the first week of real impact of the Corona virus. Stay tuned for more as we explore how each of our businesses is changing.


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Who else would you like to hear from? What are your biggest questions and obstacles right now? How can I support you?

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