Free Advertising | How to Get Booked for Interviews

Free Advertising | How to Get Booked for Interviews

Who doesn’t want free advertising? Interviews and media appearances are an amazing way to create credibility. It’s free advertising opportunity you can create over and over again. If you know what you need to get booked and deliver an interview that get you clients and asked back: gold.

In the last episodeI shared how to interview like a pro (and get clients). If you missed it I highly recommend you go back and listen to that one. You have a little homework to do before you grab the free advertising from get booked or create ways to be interviewed on your own- which is what this episode is all about.

I’ll link to it that episode here. 

Get exposure from media interviews

How do you pitch the media? First, you have to know this: they do not care about YOU. They care about their listener, audience, viewer. And ratings, if this is a TV station or a radio station. They need listenership and viewer numbers. So if you don’t pitch something relevant to their listeners you won’t get booked. Do your research.

If you want to be on a certain show know who watches it. Target that audience and make it clear to the producer or host that you get them and what they are trying to do. Make sure they have a health, fitness segment open to guests.

Most likely they do! There’s a lot of airtime to fill!

A pitch is one sheet of an idea for a segment with:

  • A catchy title – Make it controversial so it peaks interest. Think magazine cover titles.
  • A simple teachable method or system
  • Clear, concise talking points
  • How to contact you
  • Some points of credibility so they know why you’re a credible source of information
  • Something unique and distinct
  • Why this is relevant now, to their audience, and it’s news

It’s not a Press Release.

It’s attention-getting and juicy not dry.

Free advertising from podcasts, online summits, panelists

Find opportunities in podcasts. If you’re a fitness professional you’re likely in groups and forums. You know the importance of networking. You have something unique. Ask if anyone in your professional network has a podcast or reach out to those you listen to and offer yourself as a guest.

If you’ve got a Go Red for Women’s event near you, at the fundraising luncheons there is often a panel of experts. Offer to attend and be a guest. Make it clear why you.

Seek out other events happening at your local hospital or national level if that’s where you are, and create them yourself!

Host your own free public events

Use any of these ideas to create an event yourself.

Think about “national days” of the year or weeks or months. Do something for breast cancer awareness or stress awareness.

Think seasonal topics. Offer a workshop on spring training without injuries or winter ski conditioning, or avoiding falls on ice by improving balance.

Send a pitch to local media about this event. If they need someone or something to fill a slot that day and the target is their audience you’ll have a great chance of getting booked and they may even cover the event live.

Partner with local businesses who target the same group. A grocery store might sponsor by providing snacks. A massage therapist might offer a discount to attendees. A sporting goods store might offer a special rate on a related product. Then they too get exposure as the sponsor and will share the event to increase free advertising for you. It works for you both.

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