My Formula for Social Media 365 Ways for 365 Days

My formula for social media has been shared at International Council on Active Aging, SCW, and in my private mastermind and consulting client meetings. I mentioned this yesterday.

The quick 411 is this. You need content, called cornerstone content on your website. And every time you’re creating a blog, a podcast, a book or a video, you have half a dozen new pieces of content.

Here it is by the numbers.

I create a podcast a week – and sometimes two during this year when podcasts are just so much easier to listen to than blogs are to read. This month of course is special, it’s a streak of 30 days to provide ideas and inspiration to take action on.

So, for illustration purposes for my Flipping 50 audience say I have two podcast posts, and an exercise video weekly.

  1. Three pieces of content.
  2. Each is worth about 6 different social media posts.
  3. Placed on 5 different platforms (FB, YT, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn) and in some cases more than one there (Insta stories and timeline and or IGTV).

You don’t want to sit around and plan social from scratch. Use the content you have to inspire posts by using slices of it.

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Steps for Success in your next social media post plan:

1) create cornerstone content or go to that existing content that gets you the most traffic (Google analytics tells you)

2) pull the juicy quotes and statistics from it

3) create graphics or find images – and they need not be specific. For instance, an engaging nature picture or image of you could intrigue your viewer to read your text. Tie it in, but you don’t have to match it!

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