Are You Forgetting the #1 Way To Attract Customers


Do people want to catch what you’ve got? If you’re smiling, confident and radiate it, attraction is natural. People want to spend time with you not just for the exercise but for the the increased confidence they feel because of your happiness.

Watch the world turn. Happy people get better jobs, get promoted, and do better overall in life. It’s statistically proven. The money, the job, the car and the house didn’t come first. The happiness did.

It’s easy to say when you’re struggling with finances, or bad skin, or health concerns that when you get past this you’ll be happy. Much like our customers who will be happy when they lose weight, the truth is that the same problems will be there. The same self-esteem issues will be there. Confidence in body image, ability to lead and do the right thing, not always the easy thing, is an inside job.

Start with a smile. There are neurotransmitters that will know. They will help. Sometimes, yes, you have to fake it til you make it. Remember that someone looking at your photo or watching your video, or perhaps observing you work with a client, is assessing whether you look like you’re having fun.

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