Fool-Proof Timing for Your Marketing and Productivity Plan

Are you using the Right Marketing…at the Right Time?

You can have statistics, a testimonial, a personal story – all of which are important to boosting your presentations (virtually or in person). The missing piece though is your timing. Are you telling the right story, sharing the right statistics at the right time?

Your closing rate is telling you.

Let’s say you and a client start discussing chocolate milk as a recovery drink. You’ve pointed out the optimal ratio and reasoning for it being a “treat” that can work for them. Next time they turn in their food log you see chocolate milk… all over their day. Mid-day snack, breakfast drink. Oops! Wrong timing.

You start working with a client new to exercise with weights and with some weak links. I trust you wouldn’t immediately jump to Kettle Bell Swings.

You have a client who decides they want to train for a half marathon in 4 months. It’s an appropriate enough goal for them. Still you don’t take them from their current “long” run of 2 -3 miles when it’s nice outside, to a 10-miler.


The same is true of your positioning articles, facts, and stories. Where is the customer? Not even considering personal training? Unaware there might be a better way that isn’t “more” and isn’t just consistency but that is consistency of the right stuff? Then what might they need to hear?

Probably not statistics. They need a story…a fairytale or fable that illustrates someone exactly where they are or one step ahead who realizes in comparison to someone who takes another approach (think tortoise or the hare) the outcome can be better with an approach that doesn’t seem intuitive.

Emotions are not influence by statistics as much as by stories.

If you have a tribe, a following, your clients who already love you: sharing statistics with them to help them reinforce their decisions and to help them help a friend, colleague, loved one or boss on the path to getting help would be wise. Then you’ll take over with the emotional story.

This is where not just a head and shoulders shot of a client telling why they got started with personal training…. but a client say, on the slopes with her family instead of waiting in the lodge, or on the paddle board instead of watching on the beach…followed by a how they feel physically and mentally…is a selling factor. Let them talk about life. You don’t have to say…because I chose personal training… that is implied strongly enough by you as a trainer posting it and it’s clearly implied that this is what you want: not a personal training client, but a customer engaged or re-ingaged in their life.

That is the power of the right message at the right time. I’m guessing you have personal stories…even if you don’t have client testimonials to tap into. Do you know how to use your personal story?

Can you structure an opening that wows and gets attention in 10 seconds? A closing that ties back into it and leaves a powerful call-to-action that changes thoughts, actions and habits? and do you know how to weave the story into your middle message not with a power point slide you read but with animation and enthusiasm that is contagious?

THAT is the power of a fitness presentation that sells…over and over again.


Presentations…live and virtual for increasing leads…are the #1 source of new business for ANY SMALL or large BUSINESS. If you don’t have a speaker that “WOWS” with emotion…or aren’t one now… you can learn it. If you’re interested in learning more about how to present-for-profit… respond for the complimentary Mastermind webinar times and dates and learn how you can jumpstart your fall 2015 with regular powerful messages that move clients…toward you.

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