If you are following a fitness guru on social media beware!

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Are You Creating Original Content?

It’s hard to do. There’s so much out there already. If you’re reading blogs, following others there’s a chance you’re going to share an idea

that really belongs to someone else.

If you know you’re doing it, tell the story of where you heard it. Quote the individual. Share the actual case study that made you come to the conclusion.

With information on the web expected to grow by 500% in the next 5 years, people will not hear above the noise unless you are original and connected by moving them. You can’t do that first if you’re using someone else’s content. Be you. Original thoughtful you.

Give credit where it is do and elevate others. That’s one sign of a leader that is lacking on social media. If you’re only posting you-based information you miss the opportunity to create interaction with other people in your community.

You elevating other fitness activities in your community is good for your business. You elevating and acknowledging other fitness businesses is good for your business. If you’re worried it’s not the question is why? Are you your own niche? Better at and targeting something uniquely that doesn’t attract the same customer? Why not? Why would you try to be exactly the same? Why not be the big business player leading the way?



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