Follow up and Be the Leader

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If you reaped any rewards by choosing on of the lead-generating ideas listed in the last 18 posts, the last day should have had you organizing your leads and creating a call log in order to have those leads available to contact during your specific administrative time or your sudden cancellations.

You’ll go back to that list over and over again until you’ve reached each person and booked a session, or gotten a No.

Would you believe that  this step is where far too many fellow fitness professionals stop cold. On the way to making a killing, they just drop the trail and stop contacting leads. Some how in their heads must be the idea that if a prospect isn’t available on the first call that he or she must not be interested. Or better yet that he or she will actually call you because they’ll remember how much they wanted to get started with fitness.

If you operate like this you’ll have something and someone else responsible for your fate forever.

If, on the other hand, you get into good habits of connecting with every lead -sometimes more than once because they’re busy and they’ll defer you with a “not right now” or ask you to call back, you will create a successful way of thinking, acting and being in business of personal training.

Do you believe in your service or product? Most personal trainers would respond with an emphatic “yes.”

Do you believe there is a need for it and that you are meant to be the one delivering it? Again, most personal trainers would respond with a “yes.”

Then if that’s true, you can sell fitness. But it begins with good habits repeated. And doing any move with good technique takes careful repetition and rehearsal.

If you’re not sure of the quality of your phone messages, try them out on three people. Prepare yourself for constructive criticism, apply it and do it again until it’s great. If you’re going to use email as a secondary means of communication, write it out and then send it to three people whose opinion you trust and get the feedback. What you think is clear may not be, what you think is a polite message may not have the right energy for the fitness trainer someone wants to hire.

Follow up with leads. Follow through on the feedback you get from others knowing that if you hear it more than once from different sources it’s probably true.

Then you’ll take the lead.

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