Fix Your Copy to Attract More Clients

Fix Your Copy to Attract More Clients

You want fitness sales without being salesy.

Yet if you try so hard to be nonchalant you can actually send business away!

You share video after video of exercises.

Blog after blog with no call to action.

You write for the local paper but don’t put a link in your bio with a call to action.

These are all ways you lose amazing opportunities to use your awesome content to do the talking for you. There is always going to be a sentence or two that makes the difference between “that’s nice, thanks” and “where do I sign up?”

1) Meet your reader/your viewer where she is.

Not where you want her to be!

Mistake: Our brand new program starts next week! Here’s the link for details.

Fix Your Copy:

2) Make your reader feel understood.

Mistake: Here’s who we are and how we can help

Fix Your Copy: You’re probably thinking….

Fix Your Copy: Does this sound familiar?

3) Make a clear and logical next step your call to action.

Mistake: All of our personal trainers are ready to support your next step.

Fix Your Copy: Share your biggest question about choosing your fitness routine here.

Fix Your Copy: Join our free master class to get all of your fitness questions answered.

Tell the one person you really want to help exactly what to do next.

Mistake: Check out all of our group programs starting soon!

Fix Your Copy: Click here now to save your spot


Click here now to download 5 recipes to get started now.

4) Be direct.

Mistake: I hope you liked this! Will you share it?

Fix Your Copy: Tag three friends who would love this for a free xyz!

Mistake: You’ll find other podcasts and blogs at

Fix Your Copy: Link here to the resource mentioned in today’s podcast.

If you really believe you have something that can solve a problem tell her! Tell her exactly what to do next and why what she’s doing now won’t help.

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