Five Ways to Grow Your Fitness Biz with Social Media in 15 Minutes

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If you think you don’t have time for social media, I encourage you to rethink it. For five minutes you could reach thousands. For fifteen minutes a day you can employ a strategy that will grow your reach, your page and bring your next customers over to your email list.

Social media isn’t going to shrink. It’s going to grow. So if you’re reluctant now…it’s not going to get easier. People are isolated. Surrounded by customers, in cubicles, but isolated when it comes to their  most basic needs: what should I eat, how should I exercise, how important is sleep and what can I do about this nagging pain?

Who do they need to talk to? YOU.

Where can they access you anytime? Social.

Sure, its a step-removed. But THEY DON’T feel that. The little silver box or the smart phone is a friend. It’s with them all day 24/7 pretty much. People are buying water-proof post-a-notes for the shower because they’re THAT busy. No offense to Tim Ferris…but 4-Hour work week my A—-.

So social is your relationship nurturing spot. If it hasn’t been working, my bet is you’re following what someone else is doing on their page hoping it will work for you too? And they are failing miserably also so…guess where you’re headed? The only thing you care even the smallest amount about is images or posts (that always have images) that get shared virally. Don’t you dare share something that hasn’t got thousands of likes already. Why would you do that?

1.) Share something that has at least hundreds of likes …with a SPECIFIC market that you also want or have.

2.) Post an image with every post. EVERY post. And choose that image as if it were costing you $100 each time you used it. Change things a little?

3.) Create original material for 4/5 posts. Share at a rate of 1:4 or 1:5 of your own. Scatter them around the clock starting with before your open until after you’re closed.

4.) Make every post you make personal. You ALWAYS Add a comment…but not a judgement about your shares. Add your page address ALWAYS. Add a hashtag ALWAYS. (just one or two- this is not Twitter: more hashtags hurt your visibility). Add your URL to the page where you want to direct fans based on who the post is targeted to. If this is post for parents of youth athletes? Then share the link to a page that has your youth program on it – not your home page with 8 other shiny things to look at. The ONE THING that you WANT THEM TO DO should be obvious.

5.) Include a way to engage. Ask a question and give options. Someone is NOT going to answer opened ended questions unless they love you, have tons of time (and probably not much money) but they just might respond if you say:

Comment below: do you exercise Morning or Evening? (we’ll post the results for you)


Which is more true of you and core exercise:

1. I love core exercises!

2. I don’t love them but I do them!

3. I never know if what I’m doing is effective

4. I have to do them for my back

5. other?

I guarantee you’ll get answers and to the second poll? You’ve also just done market research on what might be needed for your next program or revenue stream.

When you ENGAGE RIGHT… it works.


It goes without saying…if you aren’t using your analytics to tell you exactly what you’re doing right and what your audience never sees… the answers to the test are already there!

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