The Five Most Common Objections to Buying and How To Overcome Them

#1. You object to sales. Get serious, get help or get out. There’s no excuse any more. If you’re only here to help the people who drop in your lap and make you feel good about yourself you are not helping the industry. You are not helping yourself. You are not helping the people who need help.

#2. You aren’t sure when it comes to the moment of truth if you really have what it takes and can help. It’s fine to have doubts. Every sales person in the world probably does. More so if you’re selling you and not selling someone else in fact. If you believed in the service – so long as the right person was there to do it – you’d have no problem. You either a. don’t believe in the “who” is delivering service and the promises you’re making about them. or b. you don’t believe in you when it comes right down to it.

Work on you. Your confidence. Get more skills. Don’t practice on selling a prospect until you’re sure you are “IT.”

#3. They want to think about it or not right now. This is really a “I hear you making a pitch and trying to sell me and you’re not going to sell me” knee-jerk reaction. We all hate the feeling we’re just being sold and hearing a “pitch” as generic as kleenex. So stop selling. “There’s nothing for sale right now. I’m your fitness advisor. We’re going to figure out what you want to accomplish, how you want to feel, and come up with the right steps to get there. If you have questions later about a plan we can talk about whether or not you’re right for our program.

We’ll see if we have an opening if you’re right for the program.

First, you take the pressure off the meeting you’re having so they can pay attention. Then you make them want it.

#4. It’s too much money. You’re going to make the best recommendation for the person in front of you. Not the smallest or the best “deal” or the “special.” The best possible scenario that includes how many times a week they need to be seen, what they have yet to learn, how much changing they need to do about their old thoughts and habits.

You’re also going to point out how much it costs them now or is going to later if they don’t do this. Medications. Relationships. Intimacy. Pain every day. If you ask them about these things that they’ve failed to mention to you? It doesn’t take long for them to realize their own argument is ridiculous. You’re not persuading. You’re not influencing. You’re asking questions and it happens. You’re just NOT ignoring the obvious. Too many trainers just don’t bother to really care enough to help if it’s not an easy fall-in-their lap sale.

#5. I want to try it on my own first. This is the most ridiculous piece of the puzzle you’ll hear. They want to get in better shape before they’re ready to train so that they’ll get more out of it. Explain what happens when people do that. They come less frequently because there’s no accountability. They start to wonder if it’s really working, because of course, coming less frequently it is not. And the less frequently they come the more poorly they eat because they’re making one bad choice which leads to another.

If you can get out of your head that you’re selling, you’ll appreciate your role more.

There’s not a lot of room for mistakes with more competition and more temptations for customers who don’t get started now with you.

Commit to getting over whatever your obstacle is: yours are bigger than your customers or you’d be able to start helping them.

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